Why I Contribute to Amintro

When I think of Amintro and the purpose behind it, many people and circumstances come to mind. In particular, though, I think about my parents. My dad earned a wonderful career opportunity which saw him and my mom move to a new city an hour and a half away. My mom was retired and at a loss of what to do during the day. She was used to her days being filled with her own work, family that lived close by dropping in, and great neighbours and friends. Now, she was in a new place where she didn’t know anyone and looking for ways to spend her day.

When Charlene Nadalin told me about Amintro, I immediately recognized the need she was wanting to serve, the purpose of her site and the tremendous opportunity it offered to all those going through a life change, a difficult time or simply wanting to expand their horizons.

My mom is an active and social person who found her way but I think of how much easier it may have been with a service like Amintro. Having a site that connects you to like-minded individuals with the purpose of creating friendships and fostering social activity can help bring so many people out of their shells and create healthier, happier lives.

It is easy to retreat into yourself after a major life change, but friendships, both new and old, will always see you through. I hope you find everything you are looking for through Amintro, and know there are many great friendships to be made.

Christine Tompa

Blogger, Amintro

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