Behind every person on the Amintro team, there is a person who inspires them.
Sometimes there are several people!

Why I Built Amintro

The inspiration for Amintro was my mom, Marge, who was widowed in 2001 at the age of 56. Although she continued to lead an independent and active life, like many others, she was plagued with loneliness resulting from a life spent focused on family and work, which left little time for socializing and nurturing friendships…

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Why I Joined Amintro

The decision to join Amintro and contribute to eliminating social isolation and loneliness among older adults in North America was an easy one to make. It hit home for me. As the adult child of a widow, I know only too well the realities my Mom faces as she lives her life without her husband. While the grandchildren and gardening bring her joy…

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Why I Joined Amintro

Nikki Lamb Tudico is the Director of Marketing & Communications for Amintro. With over a decade of experience, Nikki has had the pleasure to work on such brands as Cottage Life, Global Television, Fisherman’s Friend, Yves Veggie Cuisine, Smithsonian Channel Canada, Hollywood Suite and Travel + Escape…

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Why I’m An Amintronian

When I think of Amintro and the purpose behind it, many people and circumstances come to mind. In particular though, I think about my parents. My dad earned a wonderful career opportunity which saw him and my mom move to a new city an hour and a half away. My mom was retired and at a loss of what to do during the day. She was used to her days being filled with her own work, family that lived close by dropping in, and great neighbours and friends. Now, she was in a new place where she didn’t know anyone and looking for ways to spend her day.

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Why I Contribute to Amintro

Amintro is close to my heart because I’ve been surrounded by fabulous, strong women in my family who have shown me that growing older can be an adventure. I know it involves re-invention as circumstances change but to be honest, my Mom and sisters have proved to me that your second act can be the most riveting part of your story…

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Why I Support Amintro

I’m a digital designer with a passion for user interface and user experience. I joined this project thinking about my parents who are in their mid 60’s and have almost no friends or social life. Amintro is a real opportunity to free them and others from boredom and depression.

Pedro Salles


Why I Joined Amintro

Being in the older adult space as a Recreation and Behaviour Therapist, when I heard about this amazing company, my decision to partner with them was incredibly easy. Friendship and fun are just a few of the reasons why anyone would want to join Amintro. Being able to use my personal training knowledge to write articles for Amintro is so exciting as staying active through the older years is very important.

I hope that everyone who joins Amintro will be able to create friendships and find whatever they are looking for through this company. Do not be afraid to show your true self and live your best life.

Kait XO

Why I Write for Amintro

When I first met Charlene Nadalin and learned about Amintro I couldn’t help but be inspired! What a fabulous idea and Charlene has the enthusiasm, knowledge, skills and attitude to make Amintro “THE” place on the internet to make new friends. My own Mum would be an ideal user of Amintro and I try to keep her in mind as inspiration whenever I am writing content.  As well, despite being in a permanent state of denial (age IS just a number right?) I too fit within the target age demographic of Amintro users so writing about topics that might appeal to us “mature” adults is something I know a thing or two about firsthand! In addition to being “just the right age” for Amintro, I’m still parenting two kids aged 21 and 17 who inspire (and irritate) me daily!

Sheralyn Roman, Contributing Writer