Two worlds collided when Brad Szollose, a baby boomer and Elizabeth Anne Hamilton, a typical millennial as she describes herself on ​Thrive Global​ started an unconventional friendship. The friendship began to blossom and they decided to take it further by starting a business together.

They have had successful careers individually. Elizabeth specialised in marketing and coaching authors and getting their books on NY Times Bestseller lists to secure media and speaking opportunities while Brad co-founded K2 design, one of the first dotcom agencies to go public. Brad becomes the mentor Elizabeth needs in order to drive their new business venture to success.

Sometimes, a boomer and millennial working together can be challenging, however, it has been a learning experience for both Brad and Elizabeth. Brad encourages Elizabeth to take the lead in business meetings as she commands attention and gives her the opportunity to showcase her skill set.

We see this similar type of friendship in our everyday lives when grandparents and grandkids become best friends and are each other’s biggest supporters. The tale of Brad and Elizabeth is simply a story based on the importance of having the right resources to develop and encourage existing talent in the workplace. The availability of such resources enables knowledge transfer and mentoring activities. When the workplace begins to have a ​multi-generational workforce​, the company and employees benefit from embracing age diversity.

The story of Elizabeth and Brad’s relationship also focuses on the importance of senior associates mentoring subordinates at the workplace. ​Lean In reports​ that 60% of US and 40% of the UK male managers are hesitant to work one on one with junior women at the workplace. When men and women work together in the workplace they champion women, they create better end results, better companies, and a better world. This also creates an environment for seamless knowledge transfer when a leader in an organisation decides to retire or step away from the workplace.

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