The thought of retirement is to have all the time in the world for yourself and pursue no career. However, that can be a hard transition for people who have worked for 10 plus years, struggling with being idle and feeling they do not have a sense of purpose.

Rick Emberly founded​ BoomersPlus​ to harness a huge and emerging economic social and cultural asset in our society: The 50+ cohort that is exiting their traditional careers but remains very interested in contributing to their communities.

Our team is working on solving one of Canada’s most pressing issues – how to best serve a rapidly growing baby boomer population by matching boomers, recent retirees and seasoned professionals with employers looking to tap into this massive ​hidden talent pool​.

BoomersPlus partners with employers to match ​qualified talent​ with short to mid-term, project and flexible roles. Therefore, providing boomers access short to mid-term employment, mentorship and volunteering opportunities.

Whether you are looking to consult, lead or develop others, we are working hard to provide you with meaningful opportunities to take advantage of your skills and contribute to your sense of purpose and community.

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