It’s a big decision. Is the lifestyle in a retirement residence the best option for you or a loved one—and is the timing right?

Continuing to live in current dwellings may be the right choice for some seniors as they age, but for others—whether they are active and independent or could benefit from additional daily support—their home may be what’s holding them back from leading the retirement years they deserve.

Some older adults living in their own home who are self-reliant—or perhaps depend on friends, family or homecare for the help they need to lead each day with confidence—may believe it is the only option that gives them a sense of independence and freedom; however, life in a retirement community can actually provide an even greater sense of choice and independence, as well as contribute to an overall healthier retirement. Here’s why:

Social connection and community

One of the strongest benefits associated with life in a retirement residence—and something that an option like homecare can’t offer—is the opportunity for seniors to connect with their peers in a community setting. Living at home, you may find it a challenge to go out to visit with friends or attend an activity you’ve always enjoyed—whether due to mobility issues, because you no longer drive or perhaps due to inclement weather. At a retirement residence, you have friends and social experiences on your doorstep, and can choose when and with whom you socialize with. Not only is being a part of a social atmosphere a big contributor to senior health and wellness, there’s independence knowing you don’t have to rely on family or homecare visits for companionship and conversation.

Varied leisure experiences 

Like having a network of peers and friendly, helpful staff available in your own home, life in a retirement residence also means you will have access to a variety of life enrichment experiences onsite. Social events and mixers, exercise and lifelong learning classes, musical entertainment, outings to restaurants, museums and sports games—these are experiences you may not otherwise have access to in your own home, and can add diversity and excitement to daily life that other support options potentially cannot.

A heightened sense of personal security

Another key benefit that a retirement community can offer that other support options can’t always attest to having is staff onsite at all times. Some individuals choose retirement living for that very reason, as they may not feel secure at home alone at night or worry that in an emergency they won’t be able to get a hold of someone quickly to assist them. In addition to 24-hour security, many residences offer the option of wearable or en-suite emergency pendant technology, allowing residents to call staff to their side in the event of an emergency with the simple click of a button.

Accessible living environment

A great feature of calling a retirement residence home is that these communities are built and designed for residents’ comfort and convenience. Wide hallways to accommodate individuals who needs a walker or wheelchair, elevators instead of stairs, en-suite bathrooms equipped with handrails and other design features are already in place to make carrying out one’s daily routine easy—with no home renovations required!

Life, simplified 

An underrated benefit worth noting is also the sense of freedom and simplicity that life in a retirement residence can offer. How? Rather than managing multiple support services—say a meal delivery service, cleaning service, snow shoveling or personnel to deliver care support—in a retirement residence, everything is managed for you under one roof and on one monthly bill. There’s simplicity in not having to make multiple phone calls, manage multiple bills, or try and work your schedule around different visitors and services.

Add to that that you no longer have to feel concern about home maintenance projects that may crop up—say a leaky faucet or a roof in need of new shingles—and you may find your life can become much more worry-free in a retirement community.

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