As the weather cools into chilly November, water freezes, surfaces become slippery, and the number of reasons to stay indoors only increases – increasing the risk of falls occurring, too. That is why November is Falls Prevention Month! Though the threat of a fall and the harm it can do is not season-confined, we all need reminders of how we can be proactive with our health.

… But do you know what you can do to prevent a fall? Community Support Connections’ Falls Prevention kinesiologists have put together a little quiz to see. Test yourself and find out! (Answers are at the bottom – no cheating!)

    1. Which of these daily activities are proactive ways to prevent falls?

a) Going for a walk

b) Maintaining a correct posture

c) Eating protein

d) Having a regular, consistent sleep schedule

e) All of the above

    2. Keeping a healthy, stimulated brain is a component of falls prevention strategies.



    3. At a minimum, how often should you get your blood pressure checked?

a) Once every year

b) Twice every year

c) Once every two years

d) Twice every two years

    4. During the winter months, which animal should you mimic while walking?

a) Dog

b) Penguin

c) Kangaroo

d) Lemur

    5. Which of these should you avoid before going to bed?

a) Using the washroom

b) Heavy meals

c) Alcohol

d) Caffeine

e) All of the above

f) All except a) and e)

g) All except b), e), and f)

    6. Where is the best place to keep a list of your medications?

a) On your fridge

b) Beside your bed

c) On your person

d) With a partner or emergency contact

    7. Which of the follow are great ways to prevent falls in your home?

a) Have clear paths to enter/exit washrooms

b) Using a home assessment checklist to assess each room’s safety

c) Ensure that you have adequate lighting in each room

d) Keep frequently-used objects in reach at waist height

e) All of the above

    8. When taking a stand up to falls, exercise always helps! At a minimum, how often          should you exercise?

a) One a week, for 30 minutes or more

b) Twice a week, for 30 minutes or more

c) Three times a week, for 30 minutes or more

How well did you do? If you are concerned about falls prevention, you’re not alone. There are resources available to help you understand the factors involved and the techniques you can use, like Community Support ConnectionsFalls Prevention program. There is always more we can learn to keep ourselves healthy, stay strong, and take a stand up to falls!

Answers: 1 e), 2 a), 3 b), 4 b), 5 f), 6 c), 7 e), 8 c)