As we age, it’s a very real possibility that even those of us in relatively good health will occasionally have a setback, perhaps a minor injury and/or we might simply require a little extra assistance with certain tasks both in and outside of the home. Perhaps it’s a little heavy lifting support with the gardening you would like to do, or you live alone and getting to and from a medical appointment or having a minor procedure at the local hospital, can seem overwhelming. We’re certain, when asked, most of us with “wisdom,” (in other words mature adults, or seniors!) would claim that we still feel very young at heart and asking for help is the last thing we want to do. However, help when help is needed, and on your own terms, sometimes just makes sense. It’s the smart and savvy senior that uses supports when necessary in order to continue enjoying an active and independent lifestyle. At Goshenite, that’s what we do – we support, when support makes sense.

Get Outside

This time of year our thoughts are finally turning to the outdoors. The sun is shining a little more regularly and temperatures are starting to rise. You may even be capturing a glimpse of the tulips or daffodils you planted last year. It’s time to get outside and enjoy the garden but if you are still a little stiff and sore from the long, cold winter – it might be time to ask for some support. Granted, at Goshenite we can’t plant your vegetable garden but we can help you with some of the more basic home support care services you may need in order to help you enjoy the great outdoors.

  • How?
    • We provide a variety of services that include light house-keeping, nursing services, foot care support and companion/friendly check ins.
  • What does that look like for you?
    • It’s simple really, some of our clients appreciate the companionship of others but with family often many miles away, we help to fill the void. We enjoy nothing more than spending some time outdoors with our Goshenite clients after helping you get up, dressed and ready for the day. We ensure you can enjoy your garden with peace of mind for your safety and enjoy a pleasant conversation and cup of tea or coffee with a companion while you do!
    • If you no longer have a garden and wish to visit a local park, recreation centre or community space – we can help with this too. Simply call our Driving Seniors Companionship Program. We’ll talk about that more in a moment but in the meantime, we’ll summarize with this message: Our goal is to help you maintain your independence and enjoy life in the community where you have lived, worked and played, all from the comfort of your own home too.

Driving Seniors

Chances are at some point in your life you’ve had to have a medical test, or perhaps even a simple eye exam and you’ve been told you will be unable to drive afterwards. That necessitates a family member taking time off work, finding a good-natured friend to drive you or having to rely on public transportation – hardly a great option when you’re maybe not feeling great. We can help:

Goshenite offers a service unique to seniors in the greater Sudbury area with our driving/companionship program.

  • More than just a pick up and drop off ride to the doctor or dentist, we can accompany you in to medical appointments or hospital visits to lend a helping hand, a listening ear, be a second set of eyes or simply help keep you company during long wait times.
  • Hospital appointments are stressful enough sometimes and if you have ambulatory issues or have experience with hearing loss, even minor procedures can become daunting when you can’t hear what the specialist is saying to you or no staff are available to support a quick visit to the restroom.
  • If you’ve ever sat with a loved one during such a time, you’ll know what we mean. Why go through this alone when you don’t have to? We provide accessible transportation services if you no longer drive or need assistance to and from the vehicle and/or to and from the appointment itself. We can also help persons during interviews for home support as well.

The warmer weather is here and we want you to get outside and enjoy it! Goshenite supports seniors at every stage of life, even when you’re still young at heart but just need a little extra help to help get you through the day. Who doesn’t want some companionship once in awhile and if family is far away, we’re your “family” nearby. Offering safe, courteous transportation and qualified nursing and personal support services, Goshenite Senior Services is there when you need us. Now – let’s hit the garden!