Sure right now we are facing a crisis the likes of which most of us have never seen before. Corona Virus, now called COVID-19, has many running scared but as a generation, we’ve been through crisis before. We know how to work together toward the common good. Some of us learned how to ration goods and share with neighbors, some of us joined in solidarity to support peace movements or bring about democratic change in our nations of birth. Now it’s time for us to work together again but how to do it when the world is asking us (and we MUST listen) to self-isolate for our own protection? Luckily, we are also a generation that has not only seen the rise of, but also helped to develop, access to the kinds of computer technology available today that can really help. We’re resourceful and we’re savvy and now it’s time to put all that mature, 50+ experience we Amintronians have to work. Self-isolation or not, this article is about social inclusion and here is just one way we can all help one another through this COVID-19 crisis with a focus on the positive!

Online Connections – Visit us on Facebook!

At Amintro we encourage and help build both on and offline communities of like-minded, mature, 50+ adults. Now, perhaps more than ever, it’s time to capitalize on the available online tools we have to connect with others, using them, during this current crisis, to help stay in touch with our neighbours who might need some assistance, or just need a friendly voice to “chat” with. Community Facebook groups are already leading the charge on good use of social media and Amintro wants to support these initiatives. If you have resisted setting up an online social media account, now might be the perfect time. Here’s why; whether because you need the help yourself or you are available to volunteer and help others – the online community is a great place to connect. With this in mind, your Amintro team has created a Facebook group just for you! This group will be designed to facilitate easy communication amongst both our members and those who care about them. It will be called “Amintro Connects” and it’s a private Facebook group that can be found by searching either “Amintro” or “Amintro Connects” on Facebook. Here, you’ll find conversations in a like-minded group, where you can discuss all the things of interest pertaining to the 50+ crowd including: travel, health and fitness, lifestyle, interests and hobbies, as well as the more current events impacting us right now – such as COVID-19. This is a group that will be a safe space for community members to share tips, tool and strategies for coping and helping and encouraging one another. A place to share your ideas, experiences and put to good use, all the knowledge you’ve gained over the course of your lifetime! We hope you’ll join us!

Tips for Staying Safe During COVID-19 Outbreak

If you’re feeling a little vulnerable right now, you’re not alone. Folks over the age of 70, in many areas, are being asked to self-isolate for a period of 14 days. That’s probably a good thing. If you need to pick up a prescription or a few much-needed supplies, many municipalities are offering “senior-friendly” shopping early in the morning, opening their doors for seniors alone to help limit your potential for contact with contagion. That’s great news. Now – if you do need to venture out – here as a friendly public service reminder – are some of the top tips experts recommend for keeping yourself safe at this time. Here is what you MUST do, SHOULD do and COULD do:


  • Avoid home visits, hosting dinner parties or birthday parties/anniversaries.
  • No shared spaces/close contact with anyone. Card groups should cancel. There will be plenty of time for bridge and euchre when all this blows over!
  • No unnecessary travel and please reschedule any non-urgent medical/dental or other specialist appointments. Even visiting your local hair salon should be put on hold.
  • Avoid large gatherings, attending church and social events/theatres etc. Many churches are now offering online access to services. If you’re missing Church, consider “attending” virtually.


  • Keep social distancing practices in place even at home.
  • Practice good hand hygiene. Wash your hands for at least as long as it takes to sing Happy Birthday, using plenty of soap and hot water.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth at all times.
  • Cover your cough with an elbow and sneeze into your elbow.
  • Isolate anyone in the home who is ill, designating one room and one bathroom (if possible) for their use.
  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • Only perform necessary errands and try to plan trips during non-peak times.


  • Pop out for a coffee/treat if you’re desperate. Support local business but don’t stay. Buy your beverage but take it home to enjoy. Most restaurants and coffee shops are no longer offering dine in service and you can only take out or have delivery.
  • If you’re healthy, help others with offers to pick up prescriptions, medical supplies, groceries or whatever is needed.
  • Check in, call, wave – say hello to your neighbors.
  • Go for a long walk on nice days. Vitamin D is never a bad thing!
  • Go for a walk outside with a friend – just stay a little farther apart than you might normally!

That’s it for now from the Amintro team. Things are always changing. Stay informed and up to date but here’s one more tip – consider allocating only a certain amount of time per day to the news.  With the viral spread of misinformation, with some of the negativity and fear-mongering we’ve seen, it’s important for your mental health to limit the amount of time spent watching special news alerts and updates. Use your Amintro Connects Facebook friends to chat with instead. Share your expertise, plan outings for when the world returns to “normal”  and help reduce your feelings of social isolation by socializing instead! Talk to a friend, an Amintro friend – on Facebook or even plan chats on skype, zoom or facetime – the view will be much better than anything you read or see on the news!

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