Life is only getting busier and busier in the digital age. For many of us, that means the time it takes to prepare a meal in our kitchen is time we no longer have. But while there are plenty of companies that offer the convenience of meal delivery to your door, how do you maintain a diet that is healthy and balanced, while also avoiding the accumulating delivery fees and surcharges?

Your local Meals on Wheels agency has the answer!

Cut the Middleman. With deliveries offered through agency-screened volunteers as opposed to third-party delivery services, you will not have to worry about additional surcharges on your meals. The price you’re quoted is the price you’re paying!

Drivers Who Care About You. Volunteers are not just there to get you your meal and be done. They passionately care about the work they are doing, and take great joy in building up their community. When they stop at your door, they want to check in and be sure you get your meal and are doing okay. You will be receiving more than a meal – you will be building relationships with your neighbours!

Flexible Offerings. Hot meals are a staple of Meals on Wheels – but they can be offer so much more! Frozen meals, dietary accommodations, a professional, on-site kitchen – check to see what all your local agency offers. You might be surprised at the ways they can serve you!

The Price That’s Right. Meals on Wheels are affordable for everyone! Organisations like Community Support Connections are committed to the understanding that access to food is a basic human right. Some Meals on Wheels agencies will even work with you to ensure you obtain your meals at a cost that is right for you.