At any given point in life, you or your aging loved one may experience an event that changes your day-to-day needs. From that moment, you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed trying to figure out what to do next and where to find help. Perhaps you need an extra hand around the house to help with meal prep, housekeeping or personal care. Or you may be facing an upcoming surgery, and need help returning home from the hospital safely. Or you may be a family caregiver, reaching exhaustion and in need of a break.

While every family’s care journey is different, access to resources and advice is always welcome to inform decisions.

“That’s why Bayshore HealthCare created an online Care Planner tool”, says Jodi Marrin, Marketing Manager at Bayshore. Finding home care for yourself or a loved one often begins with one simple question – “Where do I start?” By answering a few questions about who needs care and their medical condition, this online Care Planner tool will create a customized care plan, recommend home care services and provide you with relevant resources.

Whether home care is required immediately, or you are simply researching options, Bayshore’s care planner tool is a great place to start.