Why the advantages of using the internet outweigh any risks.

In previous blogs we discussed the prevalence and misconceptions surrounding online scams with Dr. Cosmin Munteanu, an Assistant Professor with the University of Toronto, as well as common scams to watch for and how to recognize a scam with Yvette Logan, Elder Abuse Coordinator of the Family Violence Unit with Peel Regional Police. With all of this information, we wanted to also present the flip side to going online, the numerous benefits.

As a Police Officer, Cst. Logan certainly deals with a number of online scams impacting seniors, but as a member of various organizations including Peel Elder Abuse Prevention Network, AIPN (Accident Injury Prevention Network), and LEAPS (Law Enforcement Agency Protecting Seniors) she also sees firsthand the positive impacts of seniors going online and using the internet.

“It is important for seniors to be active online because there are many benefits to be had. First of all organizations such as Peel Elder Abuse Prevention Network are online and provide a wealth of information regarding all sorts of things including access to fraud centers, which keeps seniors current and aware of the different types of scams out there,” says Cst. Logan.

Knowledge is power, and if you are aware of what is going on in the world you will be that much more prepared if someone approaches you with a scam. But being online is about so much more than this.

5 reasons every senior should be online:

  • Complete access to information on health issues, socialization, finding community programs, and much more.
  • Entertainment in the form of audiobooks, videos, articles, and music.
  • Staying connected with family and friends, or re-connecting with long-lost friends.
  • Accessing special offers and discounts for various products or services – many companies use email and social media to announce great sales.
  • Sharing your own knowledge with the world. You have 50+ years of life experience and as such your opinions, insights and talents are definitely worth sharing!

If you are nervous about using the internet or giving out too much information online, Cst. Logan offers this piece of advice, “At the end of the day, if you think it is a scam treat it like a scam. You can’t lose that way.”

The internet isn’t something to be afraid of or avoid, offering many wonderful services to take advantage of. Amintro is a social club and online community exclusively for adults ages 50+ that was designed to facilitate new and meaningful friendships. Sign up to connect safely and confidently with others online, then head out to explore your community, or the world, with your new friends.

By Christine Tompa

*Originally published August 10, 2016