Remember the days when you used to just turn on some music and get lost in it? The rhythm, tempo, lyrics; they can transport you, captivate you and hold your attention for hours on end.

When was the last time you did that?

For most of us, it’s been a while. But research shows we should be making more time for music, letting it fill our homes, our minds and our lives. Here’s why.

Psychological Benefits

Music has been found to enhance moods, improve interest levels and increase positive emotions. In other words, it’s good for the soul. Music has the uncanny ability to change your outlook, help you focus, and even motivate you. We all have songs that instantly make us feel better, make us want to get up and go, or remind us of another time and place. Embracing this regularly can help anyone, but particularly older adults, to have a happier and healthier outlook on life.

Health Benefits

Listening to music can, in fact, be good for your physical health. Studies have found that those who regularly listen to music sleep better at night, report lower levels of pain and have quicker recovery times. Music with an upbeat tempo also makes you want to move – walk, dance, sway, keep the beat – whatever you do with the music, it helps to increase mobility, coordination and overall cognitive abilities.

Memory Benefits

Music has the ability to evoke memories and emotions. This is because it stimulates the prefrontal cortex, encouraging brain activity. While this is great for anyone, music therapy has been found particularly useful for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Stress Reduction

Listening to soothing music has been shown to ease stress and agitation because it can have a sedative effect. This impact decreases stress levels, tension and anxiety while uplifting one’s mood.

Social Interaction

While you can certainly listen to and enjoy music on your own, there is a great social aspect to it as well. Getting out to enjoy live music, attending performances at the local theater, or even joining a choir or band all require social interactions. You will be sharing a similar interest with others, socializing face-to-face and learning more about music.

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By Christine Tompa