In certain climates, avoiding the cold this time of year isn’t the only thing you should be concerned about. Avoiding catching a cold, which might then turn to flu or worse, is much more important! Amintro caters to the 50+ crowd and the reality is, while making new friends is fun, shaking hands with someone sick is not. Seniors and young children are more susceptible to cold and flu season so today, the team at Amintro if offering these

Six Top Tips to Avoid Getting Sick

Wash your hands!

It might sound like a “no-brainer” but washing your hands is literally one of the best things you can do to avoid getting sick. Think of all the surfaces you touch when you are out in the world: grocery carts, door handles, stores products, public restroom facilities – ewwww. Everything is covered in germs and while we don’t want to sound like a germaphobe these surfaces are dirty and washing your hand when you come back home is your first (and easiest) line of defense. Use soap and water and scrub for at least 15 seconds!

Don’t touch!

Touching your eyes, nose or mouth is a no no. Sure this tip is typically more directed at children than us older and wiser folks but it’s amazing how often we unwittingly do any or all of the above. Itchy nose? You scratch it. Tired, achy eyes? You rub them. Yawn? You cover your mouth. Each presents a chance for those wily germs to enter into your system. Don’t give them the opportunity!

Get the Flu Shot!

For some, this is a personal choice and we don’t know your medical history so we’ll respect your decision. For most however, particularly as we age, the flu shot is a free, easy and front line defense against the flu. You don’t even need to go to your family doctor – many pharmacies are equipped to give you the flu shot – no appointment necessary! The public health unit in your area can also help. If you’re immuno-compromised however, talk to your Dr. about the flu shot and whether it’s right for you.

Clean and Disinfect!

The flu virus can live up to 48 hours on surfaces like door handles, countertops, phones and keyboards. If you or someone you love is already sick and you want to prevent the spread of illness, clean and wipe down surfaces using a strong antibacterial soap or sanitizer.

Cover your Cough!

If you’re already sick do the rest of us a favour and cover your cough or sneeze and not with your hands either! Cough into the crook of your arm to help prevent the spread of germs and keep disposable Kleenex handy. As soon as you sneeze, dispose of the tissue because keeping it handy for another round just allows the germs to fester and spread.

Stay. Sleep. Spray. Sip. Repeat!

If it’s too late to prevent the flu and you’re feeling nasty here’s what to do. Stay at home and get as much sleep as you can. Sleep is sometimes the best medicine! Spray your nose with a saline solution and gargle with it too. Spray and keep surfaces that you’ve touched clean. (See tip#4!) Sip plenty of fluids throughout the day. Stick with water, juice or a hot cup of decaffeinated tea if you’re feeling cold. Avoid alcohol and caffeine and be cautious when using any kind of drink that claims to help build up your electrolytes.

There you have it – the Amintro version of how to avoid getting a cold! As for how to avoid the cold all we can suggest is that if budget allows you head south and if it doesn’t…..well then take the time to register with us to find the perfect friend, all from the cozy warmth of your own home! Once connected, bundle up in your warm woolies and meet somewhere that serves great coffee and a nice hot bowl of soup!

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Written by Sheralyn Roman

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