As rules and restrictions begin to relax a little, we can start to emerge from our homes and take little steps to reintegrate into our old lives- in a new way! Although going to a crowded restaurant is out of the question, and a trip to New York or even Hong Kong seems like a plan we can’t quite see in the near (unforeseeable) future, we can have a backup plan! Why not take a trip locally or a couple of trips, road-trips we mean? It’s a fantastic way to get away from the boredom of where you stay, without adventuring off too far!  If you live in the province of Ontario, we have a couple of places you definitely want on your list of places to visit or think about visiting soon as rules relax even more! Do remember that we are still social distancing at all times while outside. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Amintro’s guide on staying safe during a road trip here before you venture out.

Now, check out our four must-see destinations for your road trip in Ontario:

1. Algonquin Provincial Park

If you’re on the lookout for getting back to nature and exploring, in a destination that offers both a retreat and relaxation, then Algonquin Provincial Park is the place for you. Would you like to see nature in a state of childlike wonder, while sighting moose and the paw prints of black bears on your hiking trails? Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? We think the location is worth an overnight stay, or even one for a couple more nights. The Killarney Lodge is open, and welcomes visitors for a restful stay at their waterside cabins, complete with three-meals-a-day delicious dining in the wilderness, personal canoe rentals, and exciting wildlife watching. Would you be excited to know that some guests at your doorstep include chipmunks? The destination doesn’t disappoint visitors at all, who like to call it ‘wild paradise’.

Here is a list of what is open and closed during this time, as well as some rules you need to abide by.

2. Blue Mountain Village

Whether you decide to visit this charming destination in the summer or winter, there are so many things to do in this popular getaway, that you’ll never regret making that long road trip here. Note that roads will be more crowded on weekends, so please plan accordingly! With its stunning unspoiled nature and luxurious comfort, it’s the perfect getaway.

In the alpine-style resort of Blue Mountain Village, you’ll enjoy an endless array of shops, hotels, and restaurants, all perched around a scenic millpond and central plaza. Ski lifts run up the slopes that operate in the winter, and in the summer, you can enjoy open-air gondolas if you’re up for some more view-seeking. Feeling more adventurous? Why not take some twists and swerves on the Ridge Runner, a cross between a roller-coaster and a mountain-based nature experience in a forest track. Don’t worry, you can go as slow as you like! Cycle through the stretch of the silvery-blue water of the Georgian Bay with E-bikes, convenient bicycles that give you a huge boost, enabling you to pedal at roadrunner speed effortlessly.

With careful reservations and social distancing measures in place, you’ll find many spots open for your enjoyment including pools and massages at Scandinave Spa at Blue Mountain and pedal boats at the Mill Pond. You can hardly go wrong with any of the accommodations open at Blue Mountain, as it’s a well-maintained, upmarket family-friendly resort. Take note that prices tend to be cheaper midweek. There are some amazing eateries and splendid drinks and grills for you to enjoy as well as fresh-baked goods at bakeries that make sure you’re never left hungry when snacking in Blue Mountain.

With lovely beaches to lay on, adult-only spas, scenic and spiritual caves, apple orchard farms for apple-picking in the fall, snow-tubing activities, beautiful hikes, and open-air gondolas for $16 per adult, we know you’ll find time on your calendar to make a Blue Mountain trip.

Be sure to click here for updated information, including maps and charts that highlight what remains open and closed during your time of visiting. The link here provides further information on policies and procedures for everything including lodging, attractions, retail stores, food and beverage and even golfing and tennis.

3. Niagara Falls Canada

Tourism operators have gone above and beyond to ensure that Niagara Falls provides a safe place to have fun. Visitors are able to view the Falls with some amenities open near the steps of the brink. It is recommended that you call and check ahead for the most up-to-date information, although many of the attractions and businesses are open and welcoming visitors to enjoy.

Niagara Falls remains a major popular tourist destination for plenty of reasons. Among the long list of reasons millions of people choose to visit this spectacular wonder of the world year after year, are indoor and outdoor activities that offer enough of amusement for the perfect weekend getaway or an extended vacation. Made up of three different waterfalls, you’ll be experiencing the largest waterfall rate of any waterfall in the world! The stunning view of nature and exciting thrill of getting sprayed by the water is an experience you need to have once in your lifetime! It’s worth visiting again and again to make the most of recreational activities you can enjoy while you visit, including unique restaurants, even ones such as Fallsview Buffet that offer views of the Falls while you eat! If you have a thirst for exploring history, places like Old Fort Niagara and the McFarland House will take you back in time. Adventurers will certainly quench their thirst through boat tours such as “Maid of the Mist” and zip-lining activities over the gorges of Niagara. Is your heart pumping yet?

4. Niagara’s Wine Country

If you’ve already visited the Niagara Falls, why not make a pit stop at Niagara’s Wine Country. If you decide to visit this destination on its own for the sake of wine-tasting, it’s still worth it! Although with our recent reality, some of Niagara’s wineries are offering reservation-only tastings, the stellar outdoor locations with detailed anti-virus safety measures really put your mind at ease allowing you to enjoy the beautiful summer weather, stress-free.

If you have the appetite for an extraordinary culinary experience, while you sip on a glass of rosé, then you might consider a visit to the winery Trius. While another affiliated winery, Peller Estates Winery has a limited capacity in terms of the number of visitors allowed at a time, but you might get lucky and have the place to yourselves for over an hour! The tastings are conducted on a beautiful patio with bright red umbrellas shielding you from the sun. The property is exquisite with vineyards draped around it, and tastings of only $10 allow you to enjoy pours from three different bottles of wine. Purchasing two bottles allows you to waive the tasting fee as well!