Summertime for many families means taking a little time away from our usual daily duties. This has perhaps never been truer than now, after at least two years of feeling somewhat “locked down.” Whether it’s you planning a vacation or one of your loved ones who hopes to take some time off, it’s a good idea to plan ahead for any care needs you might have. Goshenite Senior Services are experts in providing home care services, ongoing nursing health care and support navigating the health care system as well as helping people plan for transitions. In other words – we’re very good at planning so let’s talk about that holiday!

No – we are not a travel service. We’re pretty sure you realized that! But, when planning for a little holiday you do need to take the health and home care considerations of you or your loved ones into consideration.

Planning For Your Own Holiday:

  • If you are a senior who is thinking about travelling during the summer months you’ll need to plan for your medications. Speak with your pharmacist and ensure you have everything you need, ideally for the next two – three months to be sure you are fully covered not only for your travel needs but also in the unfortunate event that you incur delays in your travel plans or experience an injury and you are gone for longer than anticipated.
  • Consider travel insurance or ensure coverage is available to you through a credit card or travel membership you already have.
  • Speak to your Goshenite provider to reschedule any services you are currently receiving. If you are currently utilizing any of our Concierge services, we’ll need to know your travel plans ahead of time.
  • You may also wish to schedule specific services like diabetic foot care prior to leaving to be sure you are in the best possible condition to enjoy your vacation.
  • Home Support and Home Care Services should also be rearranged well in advance OR you might wish to have some services (such as light housekeeping) take place while you are gone so that your home is ready for your return.
  • Be sure to plan for your homecoming as a return to regular care so that any services delayed by your holiday will resume promptly upon your return. Regular preventative care is important to your overall health and wellbeing!

Planning For A Loved Ones Care:

You’ve packed the sunscreen, that hats and the bathing suits. Your passport is in hand or the camping gear is stowed carefully in the car – you’re ready to pull out of the driveway for a long-awaited break and you suddenly remember Mom or Dad, or perhaps even Grandma who lives alone. Your loved one is independent and happy to see you take a break but you’ve all forgotten that their independence is based at least in part, on your ongoing support. What are we talking about?

  • You stop by regularly with groceries and to “check in” for a little visit.
  • Perhaps you’re the person who drives your loved one to and from town for a doctor’s appointment, dental care or even a meeting of their gardening club. You’ll be gone for two weeks – now what?
  • Your loved one actually needs a little more support than just a drive to town. If they need help with bathing and dressing each day and you or other family members have been chipping in to provide support, it might now be time to plan for some alternatives for their care, not just for your vacation but also, on an ongoing basis.

Goshenite provides nursing care for older adults and offers personal care and light housekeeping duties. We provide driving services to accompany a loved one to medical appointments, excursions or grocery shopping. Schedule several appointments ahead of your holiday so that you know your loved one is well taken care of in your absence.

If you or your family member has been struggling with the decision about when it’s time to downsize and/or transition to a retirement living facility or assisted living facility, we know this is an emotional moment for everyone. Goshenite offers transitional planning and downsizing services and we always start with a friendly visit over tea or coffee to start the conversation. Your family member might feel more confortable starting this conversation while you are out of town so they can address any fears they might have and to talk about what they’d like to take with them and what can be sold or donated. These are often deeply personal decisions and having an impartial – but caring – third party to help navigate through the process can be very beneficial.

Vacations require a significant amount of pre-planning. Whether it is for yourself or a loved one, don’t forget to include Goshenite Senior Services into your travel plans to ensure no lapses in your care occur. Everyone wants to enjoy a great summer holiday and/or to know that a loved one is cared for while they are away. So go ahead and take some time off – just be sure to plan ahead!