Mobile applications (also known as apps) have an endless number of advantages. It seems like there are an infinite amount of apps out there; some more useful than others. It’s also a major business and it’s estimated that apps could generate over $935 billion in revenue in 2023 (source: mindsea). The Google Play Store has more than 2.9 million apps available and the Apple Store has over 4.75 million apps available.

Below we’ll take a look at some apps that can improve your productivity and efficiency.

Reminder Apps

Apps that can provide you with reminders are a very efficient way to stay on top of things such as medications, appointments, scheduling an important call and/or event planning. Although some apps require a purchase, there are free built-in reminder apps that can be found on an Android-based phone and an Apple device.

Android-Based Reminder App

If you have an Android-based device, there are a few ways you can create a reminder. To create a reminder, open the Google app . Then, do one of the following:

  • Tap Speak . Then, say “remind me to” and what you want to be reminded about. For example, you can type “remind me to take my medication”.
  • At the top right, tap your Profile picture or initial  Reminders  Add .
  • In the search box, type remind me to followed by what you want to be reminded about.

More information on how to create reminders on android-based devices can be found here.

Apple Device Reminder App

If you have an Apple device, you can create reminders with subtasks and attachments, and set alerts based on time and location.

To create a reminder, do the following:

  • Open the Reminders app.
  • Tap + New Reminder, then type in your reminder.
  • Set a due date
  • Add a location (optional).

For more details on how to set Reminders on your Apple device, click here.

Google Maps – Remember Where You Parked

Have you ever had a moment when you’re ready to leave a shopping centre but you can’t remember where you parked? If this has happened to you before, your phone can assist you with tracking your vehicle. This requires you to download Google Maps, which is free.

Once you have parked, open up your Google Maps app. Once in the app, click on the blue dot showing your location, click “Set as parking location” from the menu that pops up, and it will be saved. Then when you are ready to navigate back to your car, click the blue “Directions” icon and choose “Saved parking.” This app is also great for getting directions when you’re going somewhere new or if you get lost while driving.

Banking Apps

There are banking apps for virtually every major bank out there. Some of the advantages of having a banking app on your device is having the ability to quickly check your account statements, pay bills and promptly transferring funds. If you do decide to download a banking app, which is free, ensure that your password is a strong one and preferably not the same password as any other online accounts you have.


For those who have vision issues or have difficulty holding up a book for an extended period of time, audiobooks are a great alternative to print. Audible is an online audiobook and podcast service that allows users to purchase and stream audiobooks and other forms of spoken word content. You can pay for a monthly subscription ($14.95/month + taxes) or you can purchase books individually at various prices.


WhatsApp is a free messenger service so that you can stay connected to family and friends worldwide. It is free to download and is available on Android and Apple devices. Messages are encrypted, which means that your personal messages stay between you and the person you are chatting with. WhatsApp also allows you to have a video conference and create group chats.

Magnifying Glass with Light

This free app is ideal for those who experience reading small print. This app allows you to position your mobile camera over the text. The text is than enlarged and illuminated for easy reading. This app is a great option for anyone who struggles reading menus, letters, maps or other fine print.