At Amintro, we offer a variety of programming to meet the specific needs of mature adults who are embracing their senior years. We are an online social app that enables those aged 50+ to engage, connect and socialize with like-minded seniors whether they are seniors living in retirement residences and/or in senior living communities. Even better, our platform offers a chance for introducing seniors in transition: those considering a move, or specifically moving into, a retirement living setting, the opportunity to connect BEFORE they even do so. Imagine having friends in your new “neighbourhood” without even having moved your furniture! Amintro can make that happen for the senior you love, wherever your senior lives – now, or in the future!

We know that as a concerned caregiver for your loved one, health and happiness are paramount. We also know that having friends, people who share similar interests and outlooks on life, helps to contribute to health and happiness in a significant way. Chances are you are a supportive and well-meaning family member who not only supports your loved one but might still be supporting your own family too. Feeling “sandwiched” managing your own life and the safety and wellbeing of a parent or treasured family elder can cause significant stress. Amintro offers both you, and retirement living facilities, a way to alleviate your own and your loved ones anxiety about transitioning and moving into a retirement residence or assisted living facility by offering easy access to socializing with new friends and companions, all made from the comfort of their own living space.

Amintro has developed a downloadable version of its Senior Living Handbook that you might want to share with the retirement community your loved one lives in or is moving to. Here’s an excerpt, “Amintro is a useful tool and resource for retirement and senior living communities because it supports staff in helping residents become more involved and socially active in a safe and meaningful way.” We help staff in their efforts to reduce social isolation all from the safety of the seniors own unit or from their own home before downsizing into a care community. Much of our work is a direct result of the World Health Organization’s commitment to age-friendly communities which guides us in our efforts to help seniors feel connected (reduced isolation) respected and included (reducing mortality rates and cognitive decline) and healthy (with our commitment to passing along webinars, magazine articles and educational opportunities focussed on senior health). It has been our experience that retirement living settings appreciate the platform Amintro provides to help them in supporting and connecting the seniors living in their communities.

We know that over three quarters of the senior population in 2021 are comfortable utilizing technology to help them maintain relationships, pursue hobbies and communicate with others. If this sounds like the older adult you love, and you want to help encourage them to make friends, and live life, consider introducing them to Amintro. Our app is free, easy to use and will help your senior make new friends whether that’s from home BEFORE they move, from across the hall once they’ve transitioned, or even with planning to meet a new friend in the dining room for lunch or dinner. Whether the older adult in your life is considering a move to a retirement facility or they’ve already done so, talk about Amintro with them or the staff in their community living setting. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing your loved one is happy and they’ll gain new friends and a new platform for making them!

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