When February rolls around our thoughts often turn to love and to family, as this is a month during which we celebrate both. First up is Valentine’s Day and it’s closely followed by the long weekend that ends with Family Day. In what can otherwise sometimes be a bit of a dreary month, especially weather-wise, these two dates are ones that give us hope, bring joy and provide the strength we need to get through what remains of winter. It’s a lot like what we do here at Goshenite; we give people hope by offering help, offer strength to lean on during times of transition and bring joy to seniors and their loved ones while managing transitions with love, dignity and respect.

There’s a lot to celebrate!

  • The Province of Ontario has recently moved to begin the gradual re-opening of the Province with gyms; restaurants, and movie theatres now open at 50% capacity. You are also now able to host up to 10 friends and family indoors which is great news given the two special days we just spoke about. If museums are of interest, or casinos and bingo halls, you are now free to get out and enjoy them! The next phase of re-opening will begin 21 days after Jan. 31st which is, ironically – February 21st! Given that February 21st is also Family Day, the timing couldn’t be better.

Boosters for Older Adults!

  • According to the provincial government, eligible older adults are also now able to book an appointment for a fourth dose of available mRNA vaccine. This booster is targeted at specific groups of Ontario residents who are aged 50+ and includes: immuno-compromised individuals, residents of long-term care homes or elder lodges and other congregate settings and/or those who receive assisted living and health services like those provided by Goshenite. If this applies to you and you require assistance getting to, and from, a vaccine appointment transportation is just one of the many ways Goshenite supports seniors in our community.

Valentine’s Day Your Way!

  • As we mentioned in our opening paragraph, February is a month to make the most of! As an older adult, no doubt you’ve celebrated a few memorable Valentine occasions over the years and why should this year be any different? Perhaps our needs have changed a bit and the “wine and dine” is not as important as a simple visit.
  • If you have a loved one who has already made the transition to an assisted living facility or one who is living alone and needs a little extra love and support, here are some simple ideas for a senior-focussed Valentine’s Day celebration:
  • Bake a sweet treat and plan for a visit over coffee. Older appetites are sometimes diminished so individually wrap extras so they can be frozen for later consumption. It’s the treat that keeps on giving!
  • Cook a meal (or several) and again, make them individual portion sized delicious dishes that freeze and reheat easily.
  • Plan for some quality playtime! A pack of cards goes a long way toward spending some time together, keeps the mind engaged and allows for some great conversation along with some “healthy” competition!
  • Plan an outing. Even if it’s just heading outdoors for some fresh air and a walk, weather permitting, spending quality time with a loved one gives you an opportunity to take a little walk down memory lane and share some treasured time together.
  • Traditional gifts are nice too. Who doesn’t love flowers to brighten the day (and the room!) or to indulge in a little bit of chocolate now and again?

Treat Family Day like a Holiday.

  • The family home holds many treasured memories and perhaps this is the year you’ve finally decided to downsize. Letting go can be difficult – transitions often are, even ones we anticipate and plan for. If you’ve been harbouring thoughts of making a move, make this family day a special occasion by inviting your family to come for a visit and explore your space together with you. Why? What better time than now to talk about what treasured heirlooms might be important to your children or grandchildren? It can make the whole process of downsizing a little easier when you already know where some of your keepsake items will be going to be treasured by a new generation. It’s also a great excuse to get together, share a meal and spend some quality time as a family.
  • Even if you aren’t moving any time soon – invite the family over for a special brunch or offer to finally share your secret recipe for making homemade pasta, or “Grandma’s Best Shortbread” and get the whole family involved in the cooking!
  • Bundle up and get outside for a hike, a skate or to watch the kids zoom down the toboggan hill and by the way – you’re never to old to make a snow angel, even if you need a bit of help getting back up!
  • If you are too far away to watch the “zooming” live, get on your Ipad, tablet, or computer and learn how to zoom call instead. You can still BE with family even if you can’t BE in the same room.

There’s no excuse for getting “the blues” in February. With two holidays to celebrate and knowing that spring is just around the corner, there is plenty to keep you occupied throughout the month. In even better news – it’s the shortest month of the year! Goshenite is a team of dedicated, kind and caring people whose sole focus is on helping older adults manage the transitions in their lives. We provide support through a variety of services including: transportation to and from medical appointments or cancer care (or vaccinations!) and we can help with light housekeeping duties; companion care, health related services and specialized personal support services. Transition and relocation services are an area we excel at, in part because we take the time to listen, support and respect the challenges and changes you’re experiencing throughout the process. Talk to Goshenite today about what you need now and in the future to manage the transitions in your life and we’ll help you through with love. In the meantime – celebrate February and family!

 Until next time…………we’re your experts in lifestyle transitions, homecare services and health care navigation!