Despite the title, this isn’t an article about an invitation to lunch – although if you choose to meet an Amintro friend for lunch that’s ok! No – this is an article about whether you’re feeling the pinch of the sandwich generation, that is, too much bread and not enough filling (you). If this sounds like you, chances are you find yourself caring for aging parents while still supporting kids or young adults at home. Now more than ever is when you could really use a friend but you’re probably thinking who has the time to meet new friends? That’s where we come in because at Amintro, we make making friends as simple as making a sandwich!


Enough with the puns. The sandwich generation is a very real phenomenon and if you’re caught up in it, it’s no laughing matter. According to Stats Canada, the sandwich generation now includes over two million Canadians and 75% of those doing the caring are between 45-64 years old.  The majority of these arewomen aged 35 – 44 years old. Fully three quarters of caregivers are also trying to run a business and one third of these folks have children UNDER the age of 18 still living at home. That’s a lot of people feeling the crunch. Whether your sandwich is the old Canadian standby of peanut butter and jelly; an Italian mortadella and mozzarella or a vegetarian samosa, chances are if you’re reading this article your filling is overflowing – and not in a good way! That’s why today Amintro is offering a 2 for 1 sandwich deal: how to make a better sandwich and how to make friends better.

1) Amintro’s “Top Five Tips for making a better sandwich!”

  • Reducing your stress is crucial:

You can’t quit your job but you can teach yourself to unwind. Many of us work too hard and then between caring for aging parents and driving kids to soccer, we fail to make time for ourselves. We challenge you to find time that’s just for you. The harsh reality is you would find the time for someone else so make sure you schedule some time for yourself. Exercise, meditate, make a friend, we don’t care just make it an unbreakable commitment to you.

  • Financial Planning:

Good money management techniques are a necessity. With an aging population of baby boomers resulting a much larger proportion of the population being 65+, it’s more important than ever to have a good financial strategy in place. Make sure you understand your own finances, ensure that your parent’s finances are in order (care homes and caring for seniors at home is costly) and also make sure your kids have a solid grasp on good money management skills. Proactive planning makes for a more positive future. After all, it’s estimated by 2026, 1 in 5 Canadians will be 65+ meaning the reality is there just won’t be enough government money to go around.

  • Renovations:

It can be less costly for some folks, depending on age, health and neighbourhood preferences to plan for a future that includes staying in the family home as an option. Budget for simple home renovations like installing a stair lift, widening doors to accommodate a wheelchair and installing bathroom aids for safety purposes. If an elderly parent needs to move in not only are you well prepared for them but for your own future as well!

  • Powers of Attorney and a Will:

This one should go without saying and hopefully you already have a will but if you don’t, schedule some time to make your wishes known! It helps remove the difficulty of making decisions in times of crisis and/or when emotion levels are running high.

  • Get the kids involved:

Extended family sitting outdoors smiling

If the children in your life are old enough to drive, they’re old enough to help. Share the workload. When Grandma needs a drive to a Dr’s appointment it doesn’t always have to be you. Try scheduling appointments outside of school hours. High school typically finishes earlier than the workplace and university kids who commute from home likely have some flexibility so put them to work. Grocery shopping is another area you can get the young adults to help out.



2) Amintro’s “Top 5 Tips for how to make friends – the Easy Way!”

  • Register with us.
  • Think about the kinds of people you’d most like to hang out with. Shared interest in cricket? Let us know. The ballet, or baseball or baking? Tell us about yourself.
  • Complete a short profile that won’t take longer than 5-10 minutes tops! (We promise.)
  • Wait for your matches to come rolling into your inbox!
  • Plan for your first meeting – maybe you’ll grab a sandwich at your local deli or bakery.


You’ve got enough on your plate and making friends probably hasn’t been a priority lately. Besides, where would you go to do so? Your kid’s hockey team parent gatherings are a thing of the past and between work, kids and aging parents you just don’t have the time. That’s where we come in. It’s our 2 for 1 offer: great advice today – making better friends for tomorrow. Let Amintro help find you a friend or two – someone to share a sandwich with!


By Sheralyn Roman