Amintro for Realtors

As a realtor, you aren’t just helping someone buy a home; you are creating a connection between that person, the home and the community in which it is located. Knowledge of the area, pricing and amenities are a must. However, being able to recommend resources that will help clients 50+ settle into their new home will set you apart.

Clients at this stage in life are typically downsizing, may have an empty nest, and might have gone through a major life change such as divorce, death of a partner, or retirement. They are looking for a community to spend the next chapter of life in, one where they can truly enjoy their golden years.

To do this, they will need more than a home that is the right fit. They will need a sense of community.

Amintro is the social platform and information hub exclusively for those 50+ and their network. Amintro brings people together for community and resources, connecting them to information, products and services for inspired living.

“I always want to know the area that I’m showing a home in so that I can highlight community centers, parks and other attractions. You want your clients to not only be happy with their home but the community they’ve chosen to live in. I think Amintro is another avenue for people to explore, meet others and feel at home faster.” ~ Francesca Valente, Realtor

Amintro for Realtors

By connecting members to others within their local area, Amintro aims to foster new communities, networks and resources.

“When I work with a client, I get to know them quite well. This is an important part of the job because it helps you narrow down the right location and style of home for your buyer. Small talk is customary when showing homes, but I always like to delve a bit deeper. Realtors have a lot of connections, we meet many different people, and being able to help in any way you can shows that you care. Mentioning Amintro as a way to make friends and meet new people not only helps my clients, but adds value to my brand as well.” Francesca Valente.

Another plus, the more connections your clients have and the happier they are with your service, the more likely they will be to recommend you to their family and friends.