Gym membership: $80/month. Personal training: $200/month. Tennis club: $120/month. Staying healthy and active doesn’t have to be expensive. While there are lots of expensive sports, gym facilities and activities that you can enjoy, there are plenty that can be done within a modest budget, or even free. In this article, we will be going over some of the options and hopefully, something will spark an interest in you!

Below are some super simple ways to add activity into your everyday life. While not all of you are perhaps into “working out” or sports, everyone can do something to stay active.

  1. ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living)

An easy one for most of us is in the comfort of our home. Vacuuming and mopping or any other chores can be a great way to get some exercise. Also, taking the stairs when you have the option to take an elevator or parking farther away from the mall is a great way to get in some extra steps. Another great idea for some people, would be to bike or walk to work! If you live within a decent distance from your job and have access to a shower after, this is a great idea! Lastly, my personal favourite, dancing! This can be done anywhere and anytime (in my books anyway lol). You may think these seem insignificant, but when you take into consideration all of these suggestions together, it can make a difference! Try it out!

  1. Activities and Sports

Now here are some great suggestions for having more of a fitness and workout aspect of your day. Two great suggestions for getting outdoors and seeing our beautiful world is to go hiking or running. What better way to see the world and stay active! There are also plenty of free tennis courts that are available, during the right seasons that is. Pick up sports is a great way to stay active if competitiveness is a great motivator for you. These can include soccer, basketball, pickleball etc. If you can’t find pick up sports, look into local arenas for leagues that are of interest to you. Some can be expensive but there are plenty that are subsidized by your local clubs or cities.

  1. Using Technology for Fitness

If you are tech savvy, there are a wide variety of YouTube channels and apps that are free, cheap, and can help you get in shape. Finding Instagram fitness celebrities is a great place to start. From there, you can find great workouts, free diet plan apps and even trackers to help you with your fitness goals! YouTube is such a hidden gem, with everything you need on there, from yoga to marathon runners, to Jillian Michaels and even Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda. Another suggestion is to find workout DVDs if you’re not as technologically inclined. There are plenty around at your local library, or once you have a few, even swap with your friends to switch things up. Lastly, look for some cheap at home equipment that you can use. Things such as a skipping rope, handheld weights and used equipment are a good place to start.

I hope you are inspired to make a change, even a small one (and a cheap one!), to a healthier and more active life!

Until next time,

Keep living the Kait Life!

Kait xo