You don’t need a hotel stay to get concierge services – just think of Goshenite!

It’s probably happened to you at least once or twice in your life, perhaps if you’re lucky you experienced it a great deal. What is “it?” The personal attention and services of a hotel concierge at your fingertips while staying at your favourite vacation destination. There’s nothing quite like phoning down to the concierge desk, explaining what you need and having everything happen behind the scenes to make sure your request is met in a timely manner. No stress for you – just a simple phone call – and someone else takes care of all the details. Who wouldn’t love to have the services of a personal concierge at their fingertips even when they’re at home? Here’s the good news, you don’t have to go away for a hotel stay to get concierge services, all you need to do is give Goshenite Senior Services a call. We’re your “Go To” Concierge service for just about anything!

We know that occasionally, as we age, we all could use a little extra help; whether that’s around the house, moving out of the house or getting to and from your house! We specialize in providing the kinds of services that healthy, active seniors occasionally need and in providing care and support for those who are farther along in their journey and need significant additional supports to stay at home and stay healthy. For those who are in transition and thinking about a move out of the home, we can help here too. After all, that’s all a concierge really does at their core – they help people. Maybe you are no longer looking to score tickets to the latest musical in town but if you ARE looking for senior support services, we can help.

Concierge Services Include:

  1. Home Support and Home Care. This is geared toward older adults at any age who need a little (or a lot) of extra support around the house. We’ll arrange for friendly check-ins and light housekeeping if that’s what you need or we can provide personal support with bathing and dressing, nursing and PSW services or specialized care for longer term issues like diabetic foot care. If your goal is to stay in your own home as long as possible, our concierge services can help you achieve it!
  2. Getting Out of the House. If instead of staying home you are looking to get out, we’ve got you covered. Our “Precious Gems on the Move” program will connect you with a driver that will take you where you need to go! Offering accessible, door to door service (a great idea with winter coming) we alleviate the hassle and stress of driving to and from your destination whether that’s grocery shopping, a medical appointment or your local recreation centre so you can swim, meet friends or take a class.
  3. Estate/Content Sales and Move Management Services. This is a big one. You might be thinking “It’s October, and I’m just not sure I can face another winter, even with help around the house.” Maybe the house is getting a bit too big for you now or the thoughts of shovelling snow just don’t fill you with joy. Why would they? No one likes shovelling snow! Goshenite Senior Services is your one stop concierge for everything related to move management services, estate/content sales and planning for your new home, wherever that new home might be. We know that for anyone, moving is a stressful and challenging time and all the more so, if you are staring at a lifetime of special memories that need to be dealt with. We can help, here’s how:
  • The first call is free! We offer a one hour free consultation to discuss our services and how we can support you – or a loved one – in moving, downsizing and estate/content sale planning.
  • We sort, we organize, we donate and find new homes for the items you no longer love nor need.
  • We’ll pack, label, organize what you want to take with you and sell items of value in an estate sale format helping to finance your big move!

That’s not all!

    • Goshenite will arrange for movers, can handle the transfer of all your utilities and leave your home sparkling clean and ready for a new family to make memories there by arranging cleaning services. It’s literally almost as easy as saying “I want to move,” and before you know it you’re in your new place!

We’re still not done.

    • When you call us, part of our concierge services can include a complete and formal assessment of your current space, current treasured heirlooms and an overview of your new space. We’ll create a floor plan so you know ahead of time what makes sense to take with you and what should be left behind, sold or donated. When you reach your new destination, we unpack, set up your furniture and we’ll even make your bed so you are guaranteed a good night’s sleep in your new space. As much as we’re comparing ourselves to a stay in a high end hotel, it’s unlikely a hotel concierge would do that for you!

Did we mention staging?

    • We almost left out another key concierge service and that’s the staging of your decluttered and “ready to move” home for selling purposes, helping to ensure you obtain a maximum sold price. Yes, we really have thought of everything!

Whatever age and stage of life you find yourself in now, Goshenite Senior Services can help. Our Concierge Services help older adults to move about freely, whether that’s with some help inside the home, help getting groceries or to a doctor’s appointment outside of your home OR if it’s time to pack up those memories and leave your home altogether. Just like a hotel stay – if you have a question or need something done – pick up the phone and call a concierge, like the team at Goshenite Senior Services.