Some of us duck the label of “senior” at all costs. We don’t want to be labeled, don’t want to think of ourselves as “old.” There’s a perception to being a senior and even if the words attached to senior sound great (think “golden years,” “positive aging” or “young at heart”) the fact remains that many of us just don’t want to associate with being a senior. Yet – avoiding the label at all costs actually costs you! There are plenty of benefits to being an “older adult” including cost savings, so at Amintro, we invite you to think of the positives of aging, like being able to ask for the seniors discount or even better, accessing resources like ours – for free!

But first – the question remains, who qualifies as a senior? Our research suggests that “senior” is a rather free-flowing term encompassing anyone from age 45 to 105! That’s quite the age gap. Zoomer, a magazine for seniors, defined their target audience at a recent trade show as anyone 45+. Yikes! That means I too could be considered a senior yet personally, I barely identify as middle-aged! Some retail outlets offer “seniors discounts” to those over 50, others at 55+ and the Canadian government says you can start collecting your pension early, at age 60. However, 65+ still remains the most common determinant of senior status.

So it appears that figuring out what makes a senior, “senior” has nothing to do with age. It probably has a whole lot more to do with attitude. As with any stage of life, how we approach the world has a much more significant impact on our attitudes and behaviours than our actual numerical age. Yoga after 70? You bet! In fact yoga has been shown to help significantly with everything from joint pain to alleviating fine lines and wrinkles! Travelling as a senior? Take advantage of the many discounts offered to seniors by airlines, bus tours, restaurants and more. With the ability to travel “off-peak” season you can save even more money. Alternatively, many people are choosing to work beyond age 65 or to work part time as a way to keep healthy, active, engaged and stay mentally fit. It doesn’t surprise us then that the whole definition of what constitutes a senior has changed as well. Frankly, the way we see it, if you’re asked for ID the next time you hit the drug store or your local diner – take it as a compliment and take the discount too!

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By Sheralyn Roman

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