Have you heard of us? We’re Amintro and we’re “the new kid in town.” Not only do we want to be your friend, we want to help you make new friends! Remember how hard it was back in the day? There were no computers, the Internet hadn’t been invented and there was no such thing as a “facebook friend.” Back then, you had to walk around the block to find a new friend to speak with and even then, there was no guarantee you’d get along. For some, that process was literally terrifying and as we age, for some of us it certainly hasn’t gotten any easier. That’s why we’ve created Amintro – a new way to make friends, utilizing all the good that technology has to offer. Amintro virtually guarantees you’ll meet new people and it’s remarkably easy to navigate and user-friendly too.


Why Amintro?

Meeting new folks is hard work. Where do you go? How do you find people with shared common interests? Maybe you’re new to this whole “friendship” thing due to the loss of a loved one, a divorce or because old friends have downsized and moved away. Perhaps the kids have left home and now you’re nest is a little too empty. We can help.


balloons sign spells the word friend

Amintro is a friendship service. Just that and nothing more, no strings attached and we are NOT a dating app! We help adults connect with other like-minded adults in their community who are looking for people who share common interests and backgrounds. In fact, the word Amintro itself is based on commonalities: a common prefix and it shares a common background in the romance languages.


Comprised of several words that are variations on the theme of friend/friendship, founder Charlene Nadalin explains its origins: “I created the word Amintro specifically to reflect our purpose – introducing new people and making friends. I looked to the Latin based languages for inspiration and found the prefix “Ami” which means friend, friendship, pal or buddy. In Spanish this might mean ‘amigo;’ in French it’s simply ‘ami,” while in Italian its ‘amici.’ Dig further and you’ll find even the word amiable means to be “friendly and agreeable in feeling and disposition.” So “ami” is a very friendly word. Paired together with “intro” (the short form for “introduction”) and suddenly you have Amintro, a great word symbolizing all that we do for our clients. At Amintro, we help friends find each other.


What’s the catch?

Maybe you’re thinking “friend” is just another word for a matching or dating service. We are 100% about matching like-minded adults who share common interests and backgrounds but we are 100% NOT a dating service. At Amintro we simply provide a more modern (and less intimidating!) equivalent of the first day of school. We offer a free (yes FREE) platform for you to meet folks who live in your community, possibly even right next door! Our online registration process is fast, user-friendly and completely confidential. It’s time to embrace social media in a positive way and put it to work for you! Looking for someone who remembers “the good old days” or how to make tomato sauce in a jar? How about a friend who loves to travel or someone who simply enjoys visiting local museums, farmers markets or taking in a show? We can help connect you to friends with common interests whether that’s playing bridge, playing poker or bike-riding and hang-gliding. Whatever your fitness level, whatever your age – Amintro is an online social club helping you connect with others.


Combating loneliness and isolation in the 50+ demographic we make it easy, simple, fast, safe and secure to meet new friends and form platonic relationships with people we’ve already helped determine you’ll have something in common with. It’s time to start living life to the fullest! Join Amintro – because in this modern world – it’s actually easier than ever to be the new kid on the block!

Amintro – where grown ups come to meet new friends!


—  Sheralyn Roman