Gourmand loveValentine’s Day With Friends

Whether you consider Valentine’s Day to be a day of love and romance or a silly commercial holiday, it is coming up fast and there is no escaping the red hearts, greeting cards, and chocolates galore.

At Amintro, we consider Valentine’s Day a day of love, although not necessarily romantic love. It is a day to celebrate those you cherish and offers the perfect opportunity to say ‘I love you’ or ‘thanks for being a friend’, in words or actions. Here are 5 ways to celebrate Saint Valentine with friends.

  1. Have a fondue party. Gather your friends, melt some cheese and chocolate, and have a good ol’ fashioned fondue night. The fondue pots encourage guests to gather around the table, making conversation easy. The best part is, there is no cooking involved, only setting up the ingredients.
  2. Hand out cards. Just as we did back in school, buy or make some Valentine’s Day cards and hand them out to friends and neighbours. The memory is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.
  3. Bake some goodies. Holiday cookies are surely long gone by now, so we say it’s time to bake some new ones! Hold a cookie exchange party or bake a few batches of your favourite treat and hand them out. Not only are you giving something made with love, the surest way to anyone’s heart is through baked goods.
  4. Movie night. Stay in or go out to the theater but enjoy any kind of movie you are in the mood for – romantic comedy, action, thriller – there are no rules when it comes to spending Valentine’s Day with friends. Movies, popcorn and great company are always a good combination.
  5. Volunteer. Spend the day volunteering at a hospital, pet shelter, soup kitchen, or any other cause that resonates within your community. You will be spreading love, helping others enjoy the day, and may end up getting even more out of it yourself.

However you choose to celebrate, be it with friends, a partner, a pet, or by yourself, we at Amintro wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day.

by Christine Tompa