How to thrive for ALL the years you’re ALIVE – with Amintro!

 Too often as we get older, we’re subjected to all sorts of age related doom and gloom. Politely worded advertisements that hint at hearing loss or pictures in magazines of folks with gray hair grimacing in pain as they hold their backs. They are all directed at us – those of us considered to be “seniors,” or “boomers,” or just plain “old.” I don’t know about you but I’m far from feeling old, yoga is a regular part of my routine and I’m eager to start travelling again now that restrictions are lifted. So stop assuming I’m deaf and full of aches and pains! Just once I’d like to see an advertisement for someone who looks like me (not a younger person wearing obvious make-up to look older) scrambling into a convertible and heading for the hills with the music blaring. My plan is to thrive for each and every year I’m alive and if you, like me, are looking for better representation of what’s out there for us 50+ mature adults, Amintro is a social media platform you’ll want to learn a little bit more about.

Who is Amintro?

Amintro is a recognized industry leader in providing a safe space for seniors to engage, connect, learn and grow. On the Amintro platform you will find like-minded people interested in pursuing shared interests, who have similar past experiences and/or older adults who want to meet up with people who have the same future aspirations. In other words, it’s a place to make new friends with whom you can share new adventures; visit over coffee, wine or dinner, engage in a shared “passion project” or a hobby you both enjoy, or even to cycle through Europe together if you are so inclined! Have items on a bucket list just waiting to be checked off? Find a friend on Amintro and start planning your next great adventure! Notice anything about this paragraph over the last one? At Amintro we talk about and promote healthy, active aging – not back pain medication! There is so much to learn, to see and to do and the retirement years, or even semi-retirement for those who still enjoy working, are the perfect time to really start “living life large!” Amintro can help.

Did You Know?

The World Health Organization (WHO) in conjunction with the United Nations has declared 2021 through 2030 The Decade of Healthy Aging. It’s a global collaboration that recognizes the importance of reducing social isolation in seniors and encourages older adults to create and maintain relationships, to stay fit, eat well and age well. In other words, it’s a decade dedicated to US! Who else can say they have a whole decade dedicated to their personal growth and wellbeing? The Amintro platform is poised and ready, offering news you can use, the Get Social e-magazine full of tips and tools for getting the most out of life and they drop a newsletter to your inbox, with custom curated content specific to you (and me!) often. It’s a good read!

Join Thousands of Others!

Amintro is YOU. Our members drive our content by asking great questions, sharing with us their innermost secret bucket list locations and aspirations, in turn prompting the Amintro team to go out and find everything you ever needed to know in order to travel there. Thinking about joining a Pickleball league but don’t really know what that is? (No, I’m told it doesn’t actually involve a pickle!) We probably have an article on that. Looking for gardening tips? We can help. An Amintro membership also offers access to free virtual social and learning events where you can socialize with other members while learning from experts on a variety of topics that matter to us and support thriving as we age!

If you still aren’t certain Amintro is for you, that’s cool we get it. No doubt you spent your life weighing options, carefully assessing mortgage applications or closing business deals – all while juggling a family and many other daily responsibilities. If that sounds like you, what would you have done “back in the day?” Probably a bit of research I’m guessing so go ahead, pop on over to and do your due diligence. Have a look around the website, click on some of our past blogs, articles and tips and tools. See what we’re all about and then join us. It’s free, all day, every day – no gimmicks and no strings attached.

I have one more thing I want to share – a story that happened to me just the other day at my local Starbucks. While taking my coffee order, the barista said she loved my hair colour, commenting, “With that hint of light lavender – it’s pretty cool!”* I couldn’t help but smile widely. She actually thought I had dyed my hair this colour on purpose instead of what really happened which is to say that during the pandemic I simply gave up and stopped colouring my hair altogether! It’s now a few different shades of gray and yes, there’s kind of a hint of purple to it. Be brave and explore new horizons or even new hair colours! When my barista said she loved my hair colour, I went with it. I didn’t correct her, I just let her think I was this totally hip “older adult” rocking some purple hair because you know what? I am! And I bet you are too! So if you are already doing this – WAY TO GO but if you aren’t, start living life like there is no finish line.

*PS – I may have tipped her well.