It’s January of a new year and what’s the first thing on everyone’s mind? New Year’s resolutions! That being said, a lot of people create resolutions but don’t really stick to them as the year goes by. We at Amintro are here to help with creating New Year’s resolutions that you’ll be more apt to accomplish!

We believe it’s all about making resolutions that work for you. You don’t need to follow what everyone else is doing or only stick to the traditional stuff. Here are some tips and tricks for creating personalized New Year’s resolutions:


  • Understand your personal goals first before writing down your resolutions. New Year’s resolutions should be centered around what you want to achieve in the new year. It starts with knowing your needs and goals for the next 12 months.


  • Cater your New Year’s resolutions to your individual needs and goals. Every person is different. Knowing this, it makes sense that each individual would have different resolutions. Decide what is best for you and focus on those intentions.


  • Make your resolutions realistic and possible for you to achieve in the given time period. People often set New Year’s resolutions that are difficult to achieve in a single year. By making realistic resolutions, you have a better chance of actually sticking to them and succeeding.


  • Be kind to yourself while making your resolutions list. Don’t take this as an opportunity to point out everything that’s wrong with you. Take it as a positive opportunity to do good for yourself.


  • Set some fun goals like trying a new hobby or traveling more. By making your New Year’s resolutions fun, you’ll be more inclined to work at them and stick to them. They won’t feel like a chore but rather something to look forward to.


  • Do something for someone else as one of your resolutions. Who says new year’s resolutions have to only be about yourself? Take the opportunity to help someone else, such as spending some extra time with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. It could really make someone’s day!


  • Use your bucket list as resolutions. We often set bucket lists but struggle to actually get around to doing the things on our list. Set some of your New Year’s resolutions as items from your list, like travel more or go skydiving. You may be able to tick off your bucket list while ticking off your New Year’s resolutions!


  • EngAGE with the world to complete your New Year’s resolutions. What’s stopping you from intentionally going out to accomplish your resolutions? There’s no time like the present. Setting a long term goal as a resolution may just help you to accomplish it sooner.


  • Set monthly goals in order to hit the overall yearly target. Creating monthly goals for your resolutions can be less daunting than an overall yearly goal. It also helps to keep you on track throughout the year.

New Year’s resolutions can be a great tool for bettering yourself, helping others, and having fun throughout the year. Making them work for YOU is what’s going to help you stick to them throughout the year!