It’s always a good time to follow your dreams.

Whether you’ve always wanted to start your own business, write a novel, become an athlete or travel the world, it’s never too late to follow your dreams. In fact, many people will attest that the “golden years” offer the perfect opportunity to achieve these goals. Here are 5 examples of thriving over 50, 70 and even 90.

Colonel Sanders. While Harland Sanders ran a relatively successful restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky, the opening of Interstate 75 eventually drew traffic away from his business and sales decreased. Instead of closing up shop or relocating his business, Colonel Sanders began perfecting his spice blend and quick-cooking technique for fried chicken. The Colonel was 62 years old when he began travelling the country to sell Kentucky Fried Chicken franchises, and 65 by the time he became the mogul we know him as today.

Laura Ingalls Wilder. Her well-known Little House on the Prairie books became a hit T.V. show, and while they were based on her life growing up in a pioneer family, Wilder didn’t begin her writing career until she was 65 years old. With the help of her daughter, Rose, Wilder wrote a total of 12 books in her Little House

Harriet Thompson. In June 2014, Harriette Thompson became the second oldest person to finish a marathon in United States history. Not only did she run 26.2 miles at age 91, she also set a new record for her age group, completing the run in 7:7:42 – the previous record was 8:53:08. Harriette began running in her 50’s and would typically just run around the block. Twenty years later, at age 76, she entered her first marathon and has run it every year (with the exception of one when she was undergoing radiation for skin cancer) since.

Grandma Moses. She’s one of the biggest names in American folk art yet she didn’t pick up a paint brush until the age of 76, and the only reason she did was because her arthritis had gotten too painful for her to continue with her first passion, embroidery. Anna Mary Robertson Moses spent the next 25 years of her life painting and saw the original canvases she sold for $3 garner prices of over $10,000 years later.

Charles Eugster. A former dentist, Dr. Eugster had become overweight from working long hours and neglecting his personal fitness, so at age 87 he decided to take up bodybuilding. Now, at 96 years of age, Dr. Charles Eugster holds multiple world records in a variety of sports and is also a renowned expert in successful ageing. He believes that “a physically and mentally active older age is not only fun, exciting and rewarding for the individual, but also beneficial to society”.

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By Christine Tompa