There was a story in the news recently about an Ontario woman who was trapped in her bathtub for three days. The 69-year-old woman was suffering with the flu and thought a bath might help her to feel better. However, once she was done in the tub she was unable to lift herself out; stuck there for approximately 70 hours without food and only faucet water to drink.

Thankfully, the woman had a good friend she kept in touch with regularly who grew concerned when she hadn’t been able to reach her. That friend phoned the police who checked on the woman’s home and along with paramedics were able to get her out safely.

Stories like this pose as a good reminder to all of us about the importance of keeping in touch. What if the woman in the bathtub didn’t have anyone she regularly communicated with? What if it was normal for her to go days on end without speaking to anyone? Her situation could have ended quite differently.

The benefits of friendship and social communication obviously go way beyond checking in on each other. Friendships help keep depression at bay, improve our moods, reduce stress and encourage a healthier lifestyle.

It is never too late to form and strengthen friendships, and a new social platform is helping those aged fifty plus do just that. Amintro is an app that connects older adults with like-minded individuals, both in their community and abroad. Through Amintro boomers and seniors can connect with others confidently online and then head out to explore the community, try out different events, and lead a healthier, happier life in the company of others.

Making friends organically can be hard, especially later in life. Amintro takes the stress and pressure away because every person on this site is looking for the same thing – companionship and to lead a more socially engaged life.

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By Christine Tompa