It is always a good time to work on yourself, but there is also a special month designated for it.

We all have areas of our lives that we would like to improve on, goals we would like to make reality, new things we want to learn; and September, with the changing of seasons, going from the lazy days of summer to the crisp, colourful days of fall, seems like the perfect time to start.

Maybe it stems from the old school days, but for many the month of September brings about a renewed vigor and fresh start. Which probably explains why September was chosen as Self-Improvement Month.


In honor of Self-Improvement Month, we have compiled 5 ways to get you started

  1. Take a class. Whether it is ballroom, cooking, or physics, sign up for a class that interests you. Not only will you learn something new, you will meet others with similar interests and most likely really enjoy it. And hopefully, this one class will lead to many others.
  2. Fall into cleaning. Not literally, we just mean as with spring cleaning, do a major cleaning this fall as well. It is amazing how much better you feel with a clean home, and how much more productive you become.
  3. Meet new people. Make a point of getting to know new people by striking up conversations when out and about or by joining new groups. Amintro is a social app designed exclusively for those 50 plus looking to meet new people and create new and meaningful friendships.
  4. Volunteer. Volunteering is often thought of as helping others, but the truth is, those “helping” often get just as much out of the experience: a sense of accomplishment, purpose, new insights and different perspectives, not to mention learning a few lessons along the way. Volunteering is truly a two-way street, you give but also get in return and we believe no one comes out of a volunteer experience without growing as a person themselves.
  5. Plan out your goals. Without a plan a goal is just a dream. Turn those ideas, desires and dreams into reality with a well thought out plan. If you want to start a new business venture, create a business plan. If you want to travel the world, create a list of where you want to travel along with a budget and itinerary. Once you start, the rest will fall in to place much more easily.

Self-improvement doesn’t happen overnight, and may take longer than a month too, but small steps all add up to making a big difference in our lives. Choose a few areas of your life that you think could be improved on (activity levels, eating habits, social calendar, etc.) and work to better them. If you do one thing each day you will surely notice a snowball effect, and before you know it your Self-Improvement Month goals have become your daily life experience.

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By Christine Tompa