For the first time, there are more seniors in Canada than children. This means that there are over 5.9 million people age 65 and over! What a statistic! Below are some stats about the older adult population.

  1. The Eastern provinces house more ‘seniors’ than Western and Northern Canada. The top cities are Trois-Rivieres, Que.; Peterborough and St. Catherines ON; and Kelowna B.C.
  2. As of 2016, about one-third of people aged 85 and over were living in “collective housing” such as nursing homes, long-term care and retirement. This number has increased over the years, however, the reality of living together as a couple past the age of 65 decreases as you age.
  3. In 2009, 56% of individuals aged 65 and older reported being in good health. In the years after that, it does decrease, however, up to age 85 at least half are in good health.
  4. “Seniors are more likely to work longer if they have a higher education, few activity limitations and a mortgage.” Some of the professions older adults are likely to work in are consumer services and farming.
  5. In 2015, there was a General Social Survey on Time Use in regards to older adults. 91% of women 65+ were involved in unpaid housework, compared to 83% of men.
  6. Over the age of 65, three-quarters of both men and women engage in activities such as exercising, socializing and technology.
  7. As predicted by the US Census Bureau, by 2030, there will be 1 billion people around the world over the age of 65. Also, by 2050, there will be 1.5 billion around the world!
  8. Caregiving is a hot topic right now. An estimated $33 billion is spent on personal money and taking time off of work.
  9. On that note, only 18% of Canadians think that the current hospital and long-term care system will be able to meet the needs of the aging population. From personal experience working in the retirement home space, I can tell you first-hand how much the population of Canada is changing and how much the health care system needs to change!

One thing I want to mention is that these statistics are not meant to scare you. These are meant to educate and bring awareness to some of the recent statistics in Canada. When we are aware, we can change. This may mean changing some habits, taking better care of ourselves, getting checked by a doctor more often, moving in with a loved one, or even doing something you’ve never done before!

Remember, knowledge is power!

Until next time,

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