When planning what to do in retirement, and where you want to live, moving to Canada (or spending upwards of 6 months a year here) may not be top of mind. Yet many Americans – along with retirees from other countries – are increasingly considering Canada.

Known as the Great White North, Canada also has a lot of green space along with many incredible ocean and lakefronts. But that’s not all, Canada is a welcoming country, full of benefits and opportunity; from affordable health care for permanent residents to infrastructure, safety and freedom. Not to mention affordable living (at least if you avoid the hotspots of Toronto and Vancouver).

In order to live in Canada permanently, or for more than six months a year, you will need to apply for permanent resident status. This will be easier to obtain if you apply before retirement, however that is not required. Factors such as education, fluency in English or French, and your ability to support yourself will also be considered. You can learn more about the process through the Citizenship and Immigration Canada site.

If you do not receive permanent resident status, there are other options such as being sponsored or applying for a Visa. Americans who live in Canada for less than six months a year do not require a Visa, however, those from other countries might. In this case, you can spend the spring and summer, or fall and winter if you’re up for it, here then travel for the rest of the year.

There is also something called a Super Visa, which will allow you to stay in the Country for up to two years. This is easier to obtain if you have other family such as children or grandchildren who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

From boating and fishing to hiking, skiing and exploring there is much to do outdoors. Our landscapes are vast and beautiful, the people are friendly, the shopping and amenities are all here making Canada a really great option for retirement.

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By Christine Tompa