New year, new home! You might have a parent or family member who is looking to downsize this year with an upcoming move into a new condo, apartment, retirement residence, or long term care facility. There are some important things to keep in mind when helping someone through this life transition.

Understand the Situation

Be honest with your family member about the situation. Explain to them that they may need to get rid of at least a couple things. At any point in life, moving into new spaces often means not being able to bring everything with you. Ensure your loved one understands this before beginning to go through things. The overall process will be easier if everyone is aware of what’s to come.

Older adults too often talk about moving into a new place, with their belongings discarded without their consent. It’s incredibly hurtful to not have a say in things that you’ve carried with you your whole life, especially during a time of extreme change. Always be mindful of the individual and what they may be experiencing during this time.

Stay focused on the goal of moving your family member into a better living situation than their current one. Goshenite Seniors Services is aware of the challenges and difficulties that come along with transitioning someone into a new living space. They can provide guidance and service coordination to make the process as smooth as possible for both the family and the older adult who’s moving. Remember, while it may pose challenges, this is a good change for all those involved.

Remember and Reminisce

Acknowledge emotions and attachments throughout the entire moving process. Put yourself in the shoes of your loved one to understand what they may be feeling and why. Goshenite Seniors Services emphasizes listening to the stories and memories of those moving to make it as comfortable as possible.

Go through items together before you begin getting rid of things. Listen to your loved one about what it may mean to them and whether they want to keep it or not. Something that may seem insignificant to you could hold great value for them.

Remind your loved one that they’ll still have their memories even if they get rid of physical items. Take the time to talk with them to remember and reminisce. They may part with their items more easily knowing their memories stay with them.

Goshenite Seniors Services and Transitions

Goshenite Seniors Services are compassionate, caring, and understand what your loved one is going through. They can help with the entire process of downsizing with professional management, guidance, and service coordination. They believe planning and organizing is the key to a successful transition.

At Goshenite Seniors Services, they understand the stress and challenges placed on older adults and their families during the transition process. They work with you and your loved one to create a detailed plan that caters to your personal needs and goals.

Goshenite Seniors Services takes care of everything needed during downsizing including floor plans for the new space, packing and moving belongings, storage and organization, preparing the new space for immediate move-in, and more. From start to finish, your loved one is taken care of during their transition with Goshenite Seniors Services!

While it may not always be easy, downsizing and transitioning can make a positive impact on older adults and their families. By working together, we can make the experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible for everyone involved!