Valentine’s Day – Who Needs It….

As we approach the biggest “Hallmark Holiday” of the year (otherwise known as Valentine’s Day) everyone’s thoughts are turning to love, love and more love. Well, we want to share in the love too – but in a different way – because at Amintro, we’re all about making friends, not love!

Too racy for you? We just wanted to make sure you were awake and still reading! But seriously, here’s what we are really trying to say: If you are sick of all the pink and red, the stuffed animals and the heart-shaped boxes of chocolates you see in every corner of every store, we’ve got something different for you – a place to make new friends, with not a stuffed bear or a chocolate in sight!

Fight Loneliness.

Maybe you are “done” with love and are moving on from a recent divorce. Perhaps a loved one has passed away recently and this particular holiday leaves you feeling lonely and blue. That’s understandable. These feelings are heightened when even your local grocery store or discount dollar variety store is chock full of all things “love” related.

Combating loneliness is just one of the reasons Amintro came into being. Research has shown that those who are fifty plus are often more susceptible to loneliness and that this is often as a result of major life changes such as divorce, retirement or the passing of a spouse. This increases the risk of mental and physical decline by as much as 59% or more.

That’s why at Amintro, it’s our mission to help you both “make friends (and) live life” to the fullest and we do that by providing a safe place “for grown-ups to make new friends.”

What We Do.

At Amintro we offer a new alternative to making friends using an online matching tool that puts you in the driver’s seat. Peruse our website and you will see that “Amintro is a platform designed exclusively for adults over 50 as an alternative and safe place to meet like-minded individuals and foster new friendships.” It’s a service that matches people based on their profile and close proximity for platonic friendships – not love!

Membership is free, it’s easy to register and we ask just a few simple questions to create a profile that will help connect you with like-minded people in your community. Who needs a “Hallmark Holiday” when you can make a new friend the Amintro way!

Join today and fall “in love” with how easy it is to make friends.

Written by Sheralyn Roman

Amintro brings people together for community and resources, connecting them to information, products and services for inspired living.

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