When is that last time you thought about your Bucket List? Like many people, it’s something we have in the back of our minds but perhaps haven’t put down on paper. Anyone who has created a budget in order to set money aside for a vacation knows the importance of setting a goal and creating a plan.

We all have things we want to do or accomplish in life, but without a clear vision or goal, they may never come to fruition. This is where a bucket list comes in.

At Amintro, we strongly believe in the idea of the bucket list, but also think it should extend further than a list that simply states things like travelling the globe, going skydiving, or creating a world-renowned invention. While those are great starts, a true bucket list should include some vague ideas like the above but should also include a detailed plan for items you are determined to accomplish.

In order to be effective, a bucket list should act as a plan.

We have compiled 5 tips to help you create a bucket list that isn’t just full of empty wishes but also acts as a plan to achieve your wildest dreams.

Don’t write it all in one go.

Start with 3-5 things you would like to accomplish and leave space to add to the list as life goes on. You may come across opportunities you never even thought of or your life could change in ways that make certain items unattainable. By starting small you can focus on the true life-long dreams you’ve always held while leaving room to create new goals. This way your list won’t seem overwhelming but will still hold lots of promise and opportunity.

Target various areas of your life

Travel destinations often make up large portions of bucket lists and this is great, but a true bucket list should delve into all aspects of your life. Include financial and relationship goals, career aspirations, and hobbies. Another idea to spice up those travel destinations is to include a hobby or reason for visiting each place, such as I want to learn to tango, and tango dance while in Argentina. While travel isn’t an option at the moment with countries closing their borders, it’s still worth adding to your bucket list.

Include items of varying attainability

You don’t want your bucket list to be so easy to achieve that you check everything off within a year but you also don’t want to make it so difficult that due to money, time or unrealistic goals it becomes daunting. Include items that you could check off today and those that you have to really plan, prepare for and schedule, and may take years to accomplish.

Set a schedule where possible

Stop saying “someday” and start writing down a realistic timeline. If “someday” you want to take cooking classes, write them down on your list and put September as your start date and start the process now! If you want to spend a year travelling the world, start researching, include at what age you want to be able to go, how much money you will need saved up for the trip and continue to add to your plan as you can.

Make sure it brings you happiness

A bucket list should be enjoyable to put together and fun to accomplish. The point is to get you thinking about what you want to do and accomplish in this life and start taking the necessary steps to achieve these things. Feel free to be silly and serious with it; try stand-up comedy, make it a goal to have a piece of writing, a photo or video go viral, and also start that new venture that will make a meaningful contribution to society. If you include your passions from various aspects of your life, a bucket list will leave you feeling energized, motivated and fulfilled.

Not sure what to put on your bucket list? Not to worry! There are plenty of lists you can find online that can help you get started. Here are just a few ideas we’ve found.

10 Bucket List Ideas

  1. Ride horses on the beach
  2. Go bungee jumping
  3. Take a hot air balloon ride
  4. Visit an elephant sanctuary
  5. Attend the Olympics
  6. Be in the Saturday Night Live audience
  7. Be in a parade float
  8. Ride a mechanical bull
  9. See the Northern lights
  10. Go on a road trip with friends
  11. Go parasailing
  12. Spend time with the grandkids
  13. Learn how to surf
  14. Feed a giraffe
  15. Get a tattoo
  16. Run a marathon or half-marathon
  17. Learn to fly a plane
  18. Be on a talk show or game show
  19. Learn another language
  20. Write a book

Whatever your goals and ambitions are, the best way to start is by making that bucket list, setting timelines and revisit your bucket list periodically to reflect on those goals, update them, and better yet, cross them off as you do them.

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