They say home is where the heart is, but the heart is really where our relationships lie. You can love a place, but if you are lonely and isolated, you will long for those, and the community, you left behind.

Moving to a new country is exciting, especially if it is bringing you closer to family. But it can still be lonely, especially if family members are busy with work and young children. Whatever your reason for coming to Canada, forming friendships will help make the transition easier.

Closeup of diverse senior adults sitting by the pool enjoying summer togetherFrom finding people who hail from the same region as you to those who know the ropes and can help you through any culture shock, creating a support system and building relationships will make a big difference in how quickly and comfortably you settle into your new home. However, that can be easier said than done. What if there is a language barrier? Where can you go to find people you relate to? How do you get started?

There are many ways – joining your church, a local community centre, or through Amintro which is an app specifically designed as a friendship-making platform for those aged 50 plus. The major benefit of Amintro is that everyone on the platform is looking for the exact same thing, to make friends and increase their social circles.

As a newcomer to Canada you can use the app to find people nearby who also come from your country of origin, those who speak the same languages as you, and those who have had similar life experiences. Membership is free, and once you join and fill out the detailed questionnaire, Amintro’s algorithms get to work finding potential friendship matches. Members can also search the site to find people they would like to connect with.

A major move doesn’t need to set you back socially. Having the right support system in place and people you can talk to, relate to and explore your new surroundings with will make life that much richer.

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By Christine Tompa