January 13 is Make Your Dreams Come True Day, a fun, unofficial holiday to motivate people to get going on those New Year’s resolutions or to finally tackle that lifelong dream they have always held.

img_9573We all have dreams – some are big and wild while others are small and easily attainable, and the rest, those seem to land somewhere in between. But no matter the size of your dreams, they will likely remain just a dream without some effort on your end.

Make Your Dreams Come True Day offers the perfect opportunity to achieve, or at least get started, on turning your wishes into reality. How, you ask? Well, here are a few great places to start:

  • Write down your dreams and create a plan to turn them into reality – don’t forget to include timelines!
  • Share your dreams with others for encouragement and accountability
  • Talk with others who inspire you or share similar goals
  • Create an inspiration board with words and pictures relating to your goals
  • Get started, no more procrastinating! Just a little progress each day will set you on the right path

Another idea is to start a dream journal to keep track of your subconscious dreams too. Experts say we dream approximately every 90 minutes while asleep and you never know what your mind might come up with. In fact, these dreams have been credited for the creation of Google, the sewing machine, the periodic table, and many, many more.

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By Christine Tompa