Happy New Year my fellow Amintronians! It’s that time of year when we think about perhaps making some lifestyle changes, consider altering our routines and when we make commitments to “make this year count” or “do things differently.” If that sounds like a New Year’s resolution that you’ve recently made, we want you to know that Amintro is here to support you – especially if your resolution was to make new friends! Amintro is the modern way to make friends. It’s a digital age so we’ve created a digital online service that helps folks meet one another. If 2019 is when you’ve committed to trying something new – why not try it with a new friend too?

There are some generally recognized tips and tricks when trying new things and having them become a regular part of your routine. While routine can be boring, when trying something new you actually want routine. You want this New Year’s resolution (whether it’s to eat healthy, exercise more, meet a new friend) to become a part of your regular daily life. Science tells us that for this to happen, it typically takes a minimum of 2-3 weeks of solid commitment. You can do that – we know you can! Two or three weeks in comparison to the 50+ years of the life you’ve already lived is easy to accomplish! Why do we know you’ve already lived 50+ years? Because at Amintro all of our members are 50+ and it’s our goal to help match you with friends who might share some of the same hobbies, goals and lifestyle commitments as you. With that in mind, today we reprise our original advice, offered just a few months ago, on how to make friends the Amintro way.

Amintro’s “Top 5 Tips for how to make friends – the Easy Way!”

  • Register with us.
  • Think about the kinds of people you’d most like to hang out with. Do you have an interest in cricket? Let us know. How about the ballet, or baseball or baking? Tell us about yourself. What language do you speak and would you prefer to meet friends who can speak to you in your language of origin?
  • Complete a short profile that won’t take longer than 5-10 minutes tops! (Get your kids or grandkids to help if necessary – but honestly, no heavy technical skills required!)
  • Wait for your matches to come rolling into your inbox! You’re in control – you decide which suggestions you wish to act upon, then reach out via a call or email. It’s all up to you, nothing is forced.
  • Plan for the first meeting – if fitness is on your 2019 agenda, meet for a mall walk. Hoping to eat healthier? Meet over a salad at your local deli or – if this is the year you’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and eat the chocolate – schedule a meet and greet at your favourite bakery.

Let Amintro help make your New Year’s resolutions a reality. It’s time to step outside of your comfort zone and take a break from commitments to family or aging parents and think about your self instead. There’s nothing selfish about a little self-care. In fact, we’d venture to say, looking after you makes you a better you! Do things differently in 2019 and do them with a friend – that’s the Amintro way!

Written By Sheralyn Roman

Amintro brings adults 50+ together to expand their social circles by meeting new, like-minded people; online and in-person.

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