If we had to name just one common theme running throughout the Amintro website it would be this one: “friends.” That’s because promoting, forming and facilitating friendships is what Amintro is all about. As well, it seems particularly fitting to talk about friendships during the month of July because July 30th is the International Day of Friendship, according to our friends at the United Nations. With summer often serving as the perfect backdrop to a get together with friends, it seems there really is no better time than now to talk about the benefits of Amintro and how important it is, as the Beatles once sang about, to be able to “get by with a little help from our friends.”

Who We Are

If you are new to Amintro, allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re the go to social media platform for adults who are 50+ and living life to the fullest! Whether you are interested in travel adventures, sports, cycling or other fitness pursuits, fine dining and wine tasting or simply meeting up for coffee, Amintro acts as a friend facilitator finding like-minded and mature adults with similar interests to form new friendships with. You might even say we’re your “friends” in helping you find friends! We all like a little quiet reading or some downtime once in awhile but let’s face it, bucket list travel or kayaking and camping with a few friends is way more fun!

Challenge and Change

It can sometimes be a challenge to make new friends as we mature. Even active and engaged seniors might sometimes experience a life change like moving to a new community, the loss of a loved one or downsizing to a retirement setting. Such a move might impact friend groups from your past whom you traditionally relied upon for support and/or as your partners in adventure! That’s where we come in. Our platform is easy to use, designed with the older adult in mind and offers not just a friendship making opportunity but plenty of helpful lifestyle advice, tips and tools for your health and wellness, financial information as well as online webinars and when the timing is right, in-person events too.

Preferred Partners

Our many preferred PARTNERS offer an array of services geared specifically to the 50+ community – including both those enjoying the “middle years” and their more senior, “boomer” parents. Whether you are looking for information, trying to help your parents navigate the web or you’re an EngAGER, our partners have what you are looking for. Sponsoring exciting events online, providing articles for our “Get Social” magazine, and offering news you can use, we only work together with recognized brands that offer best in class service and all at no cost to you! There are no gimmicks, there are no hidden fees. Our only interest is in helping you find friends who share your interests because at Amintro, we truly believe social connections are priceless.

Speaking of Sponsors

We started this article inspired by July 30th and the United Nations Declaration that this day be recognized around the world as the International Day of Friendship. As the official sponsor of the day, the UN asks us all to set aside our differences and to promote friendships amongst people, cultures and countries. It asks us to respect one another and our differences and to build bridges between those differences – to promote mutual understanding and reconciliation. In a big way, by asking cities and countries to promote friendly activities and events, or in a small way by extending an “olive branch to a neighbour” the day asks us to focus on a world that is a friendlier more peaceful place and that sounds wonderful to us. Start planning now – what can you do to celebrate the International Day of Friendship?

Like the Beatles once asked us: what would we do if we found ourselves alone at the end of the day, or sad because we’re alone. Their answer, like ours, is that we’ll all be just fine. Why? Because we’ll get by with a little help from our friends – perhaps even friends you made the Amintro way!