It’s Valentine’s Day, the most caring day of the year. It’s often marketed as couples spending absorbent amounts of money on each other through going out or physical gifts. But Valentine’s isn’t just for couples. It’s for anyone and anything in your life that you want to show a little extra love to. Whether you’re single, part of a couple, or a member of a group of family or friends, we have ideas of how to spend this lovey-dovey day for everyone!

For the Solo One:

We think Valentine’s Day is for anyone and everyone. Spending the holiday alone doesn’t have to be lonely. There’s plenty of solo activities that you can do to treat yourself!

Give yourself some extra love by doing some much needed self-care, however that may look for you. The day-to-day hustle can often cause us to forget how important this is. Our ideas include bubble baths, skincare, or an at-home manicure for the ladies. And for the gents, playing some video games, listening to great music, or an outdoor winter sport are great ways to say I love you to yourself.

Share your love for your surroundings and the outdoors by taking a walk or going for an outdoor skate. Create a cozy evening by watching your favourite movie or reading that book you’ve been meaning to pick up for the longest time. Your pets deserve some extra loving sometimes too. Spend some quality time with them and maybe even treat them with a new Valentine’s-themed toy. There’s plenty of ways to feel the love this Valentine’s if you’re on your own!

For the Couples:

Counter to what movies and media show us, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to show your partner you care. We have some fun at-home activities to do together! Cook a nice meal together and enjoy the ambience of a romantic dinner right in your home. Watch your favourite movie and snuggle up on the couch for a cozy day. Get creative and try making a fancy cocktail for your partner based on what they like. You may just create their favourite cocktail to date!

Sit together and talk about your favourite memories for a while. We live so often for the future that sometimes we forget to remember the amazing times from the past. Do something nice for your partner that they’ll appreciate, like tidying up the house. A small gesture can go a long way! And finally, making a handmade gift like a simple card can mean the world to someone and truly show them that you care. Write a nice note that they’ll reference for years to come.

For the Friend and Family Groups:

In the hustle and bustle of life, getting together with friends and family can be a challenge. We say use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to get the band back together! There’s lots of activities that are just that much better with a group of people. Head to the movies or to a billiards place for pool or darts. Bowling is another fan-favourite and can be cheaper with more people. Have a get-together at someone’s place and spend some quality time with each other. Cook a big meal together or have it potluck style where everyone brings something. Have a game night since so often the games we want to play need at least 3 people. It’ll be an absolute riot and there’s so many different games to play!

For some outdoor fun, go snowshoeing or skiing together where all of you can have fun in a big enough space. Finish up at an all-you-can-eat restaurant or buffet like sushi, where it’s often better to have more people to eat what you may not be able to finish.

No matter what category you fall into, you can celebrate Valentine’s Day in a way that works for you. It’s all about the love and whoever you show that love to and however you choose to show it, show someone or something you care this love day!