For many, this time of year is a blessing – a time to spend with family and friends or friends who have become our family! Others may become wishful for happier times from the past, missing a loved one or lamenting the snowfall that prevents them from leaving the house during the holidays. Goshenite Senior Services understands the dilemma that the holidays bring about in the mind of some seniors because we know it can be a challenging time for some. Thankfully, with a little preplanning, and a whole lot of care (because that’s what we offer at Goshenite – great care for great people) however you celebrate the holidays we won’t leave you lacking for care and attention. If you are home for the holidays, we have ideas on how to make the celebrations merry and bright!

Goshenite Cares For Homes – Your Current and Your Future Abodes!

Perhaps you are starting to think this might be your last year in the family home. Beautiful reflections of happy times abound and you’ve chosen to stay for one last holiday season at home. It’s time to make yet more treasured memories before retiring to an assisted living space or downsizing to an apartment or condominium. It’s a wonderful idea but we have some great suggestions on how to keep the season simple and clean up a breeze!

  • Make your holiday a potluck affair and assign yourself the easier, lighter, and less time-consuming tasks.
  • Ask someone else to make the turkey or if it’s a holiday other than Christmas you are celebrating, whatever your favourite dish is. Keep your contributions simple with items like buns and butter, salad, and by setting a beautiful table with your keepsake china for one last use before it’s donated or passed along to the family.
  • Make a part of your holiday festivities unique by using place cards and taking some time to think about treasured items you’d like to pass along to family. On the back of each place card, write the name of the item you’d like each person to take home as your gift to them. (Let’s be real – you might want to be sure these are items your family member has expressed an interest in previously and/or that they are all about the same value in order to avoid a family feud!)
  • When it’s time to say goodbye to your guests, say hello to Goshenite Senior Services. We’ll help you downsize your home with care, concern, and compassion. De-cluttering, cataloging, organizing, selling or shipping – these are all things that our team of senior move managers will assist with when you decide it’s time to downsize.
  • We can also manage estate sales and auctions, donations to local organizations and the discarding of anything that no longer has any retained value. We’ll make it easy for you to celebrate the holidays, clean up, pack up and move on to your next adventure.
  • Our service doesn’t end there, we’ll help unpack and set up your new residence too! Talk about the gift of Christmas!

Goshenite Cares For You – Personal Service with a Flourish!

We don’t just look after homes and personal items at Goshenite, we’re local people who look after our fellow locals. In the winter months, and around the holidays, we feel this service is vitally important because it’s sometimes a challenge for family who live a little farther away to be with loved ones over the holidays and no one wants to be alone. We can help. Goshnite Care Companion Services offer you or a loved one you care about the opportunity to move about the community freely, even when you can’t be there to help them. With regularly scheduled companion care visits we support healthy, independent living, will travel to and from the grocery store, the doctors or even the hair stylist with your loved one to ensure a safe, round trip and provide you peace of mind, particularly in the slippery, snowy winter months. Visits might even mean just sitting down with a deck of cards and playing a game or two to while away a cold, winter afternoon. Our companion care will care for your loved one during the holidays and all winter long and we are proud to support Goshenite services in both English and French!

Goshenite Cares For Your Health and Wellbeing – Throughout the Holidays and All Year Long!

Another service Goshenite provides has far more to do with helping you manage your day to day health and wellbeing and is geared toward those who might need a little extra support – whether that’s during the holidays or throughout the year. Our home care services might just allow you  to stay “home for the holidays’ and for a little longer too because we help to support daily care needs recognizing that for many older adults, aging in place is by far your preferred choice.


  • light housekeeping,
  • nursing care,
  • specialized foot care
  • and personal assistance with bathing and dressing,

We help you “get rolling” in the morning or “wind down” in the evenings with home care services that respect your dignity, protect your privacy and help you to maintain optimal health and wellness all while still living in your own home.

Goshenite Senior Services wants you to enjoy a memorable “home for the holidays” celebration this year and we know that we are able to help make that happen for you or a loved one.  If, when the holidays are over, you choose instead to downsize, “right-size” or transition into a more formal care setting – we can do that too, with dignity and respect.

We’re Goshenite Senior Services: Your experts in lifestyle transitions, home care services and health care navigation.