Caring for your kids, managing a career, running a household, and looking after aging parents or family members is a lot to take on. Utilizing the right resources can be a huge help to both you and them.

Loneliness and feelings of social isolation are detrimental to anyone’s health, but particularly to those who are already at risk. Research has shown time and time again that loneliness leads to decreased physical and mental wellbeing; however, having strong bonds and relationships with others reduces stress, lowers the risk of high blood pressure and inflammation, as well as reduces the risk of developing dementia.

This means that the simplest, most effective way to increase an older family member’s wellbeing is to keep them socially engaged. This includes phone calls, visits and activities with yourself and others.

Phone Calls. These don’t need to be lengthy calls, but simply saying “hi” and checking in on someone throughout the day lets them know that you care and are thinking about them. In the days of texting and email, a phone call will go a long way.

Visits. While phone calls are great, nothing beats a face-to-face visit. Swing by for a cup of tea, drop off some groceries, or get out for a walk. Schedule a day a week for get-togethers and plan on visiting for at least half an hour.

Technology. For times in between phone calls and visits, technology is a wonderful way to stay connected. Set up family members with Skypekeyboard offline online communication and Facebook so you can share photos and thoughts at any time.

Beyond these things, remember that there are other ways to help ease the loneliness felt by older family members. Even though interaction with family is extremely important, so is friendship and social activities.

Here’s where Amintro comes in handy.

We are a social community designed for those 50 plus looking to make new friends and increase their social circles. Whether your parents, grandparents or other relatives need a friend, want to fill up their social calendars, or simply want to live life to the fullest, we can help.

Amintro is not a dating site! What we provide is a safe environment for mature adults to build a private online profile that reflects who they are as a friend, and what they consider important characteristics in friends, based on personal experience, likes and dislikes.

Membership is free, you can take a look and sign up here or learn more about us and our community by following us on Twitter: @AmintroFriends, or liking us on Facebook: AmintroFriends.

By Christine Tompa