These three ladies from England had the right idea. Staring down the possibility of a pandemic isolation order a few weeks ago, they banded together, did some pandemic planning and decided that heading into self-isolation is better with friends! It’s a story that’s uplifting and inspiring in what might otherwise sometimes feel like a constant media barrage of bad news and we’ve included the link below so you can hear from them first hand how they’re doing. The only thing we’re wondering is with CoVid 19 isolation orders extended several times both here and abroad – how are they doing now? I anticipate a follow up blog on how to maintain friendships even while living in close quarters for long periods of time!

Essentials for isolating…..

All joking aside about friendships withstanding the test of time, these three cheerful and funny ladies really have a strategy for how to ride out this storm and it involves wine, lots of wine! Watching the video it was the wine they mentioned first. Did you stock up before you went into isolation? Obviously we recognize that wine shouldn’t be first on your stockpile list, but for those who enjoy a glass of vino with dinner or on a Sunday afternoon on your patio, porch or balcony, there are a number of online options for replenishing your supply. Some stores are offering curbside pick up or delivery and many local wineries across North America are enabling customers to order online and have a case delivered right to your front door. Look up what’s available in your area and as the advertisements remind us “please enjoy responsibly!”

Pandemic Planning

The ladies who inspired this blog actually gave some considered thought to approaching “self-isolation” together. When the news first broke in their country, the lifelong friends (who admit to at least 40 years of supporting one another through good times and bad) sat down and had a conversation about how to make the best of a bad situation. They agreed that after a 7 day period* of completely self-isolating in their own homes, if no one was showing any signs of the illness they would then move in together and enjoy the rest of what was to come in the company of good friends. They assessed the positives of each other’s homes including who had a lovely garden for walking and enjoying the fresh air, who had good cable TV options for binge watching episodes of The Crown and that each home offered enough separation of space that they could still be “alone” together when each needed some quiet time. With only each other for company moving between the three homes was not an issue.

Forty years of friendship!

We were inspired by this story, more than anything because it’s a tale of a forty year friendship and at Amintro we are all about making friends. These ladies shared that they have seen one another through divorce, painful loss, watched their children grow up (and even intermarry!) and throughout it all have maintained close bonds and shared many laughs. For them, heading into self-isolation is better with friends. During these unusual times we are faced with, they are an example of embracing a potentially difficult time as yet another opportunity to rely on the bonds of friendship to see them through. What are you doing to maintain close ties with friends during this time? Share with us your pandemic strategies and stories, we’d love to hear from you. Have you had a chance to visit the Amintro facebook page yet? If you haven’t, consider joining us there. It’s a great place to connect with other like-minded seniors and enjoy a good conversation amongst friends, even while in self-isolation!

To hear for yourself from these good-natured grannies click on the link:

*Amintro strongly encourages readers to adhere to the recommendations of your local health authority when it comes to self-isolation!

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