The hurried pace of contemporary society poses numerous challenges towards preparing our own fresh meals, with many people finding it difficult to allot dedicated time for cooking in their day. Those who are also caregivers for loved ones or parents face the added responsibility of attending to the nutrition-based needs of those they care for. While ready-made frozen meals offer a convenient alternative, the quality, cost, and nutritional value of these meals are increasingly becoming pertinent considerations.

It is a need that Community Support Connections is actively addressing in Waterloo Region.

After previously outsourcing frozen offerings, the agency began producing their own line of frozen meals in the autumn of 2019. Prepared by their team of professional, Red Seal chefs in their on-site kitchen, the response to their offerings has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic.

“[Their] frozen meals are not bland; they are much tastier!” remarks Sandra, who regularly receives the organization’s meals services. “The meals are good for my tummy; I find I can digest them easier than other frozen meals.”

The agency’s operating philosophy of preparing meals that are both nutritious and delicious translates into the quality care provided in each of their frozen offerings. Each of their frozen entrées is an adaptation of one of their fresh, hot meal recipes, prepared in the same kitchen with the same locally-sourced ingredients.

“I haven’t had any that I haven’t liked,” states Pat, another of the agency’s regular clients, who receives specialized, cardiac-sensitive meals. “When comparing [these] to other frozen meals, I have discovered that the potatoes are better, both in taste and texture. The turkey tastes like real turkey, not lunch meat, and there seems to be more in the dish.”

With each meal providing 40% of the nutritional intake for a 70-year-old male, and available on a subsidized cost model through their Meals on Wheels program, Community Support Connections aims to provide an array of convenient, homestyle meals that are affordable for everyone.

“I’m very happy that Community Support Connections is making frozen meals,” Pat reflects. “I hope they continue to do so.”