Nothing can turn your day around quite like a good belly laugh. But the benefits of laughter go far beyond this. In fact, laughter is so beneficial that researchers have placed it right up there with eating right, sleeping right and getting enough exercise when it comes to overall wellness.

And while you can get a good laugh from a movie, a chuckle from the internet and a small guffaw from watching your pet, these don’t quite compare to the hearty laughter that comes from social relationships and companionship.

5 Benefits of Laughter

  • Stress Relief. Laughter is one of the best ways to beat stress. This is because it shuts down stress hormones – we’re looking at you cortisol – while prompting the production of feel-good hormones such as dopamine. And dopamine offers plenty of calming and anti-anxiety benefits.
  • Triggers Endorphins. In addition to releasing dopamine, laughter also triggers the release of endorphins, which have many benefits all their own, including mood boosting and pain reducing properties.
  • Immune System Boost. When we laugh, special cells called T cells are activated. They immediately get to work boosting the immune system and helping fight off illness. This means a good chuckle should be added to your cold prevention plan – along with plenty of rest and Vitamin C.
  • Gamma Waves. A good laugh will energize you and often provides a sense of clarity or being “in the zone”. This is because it changes your brain’s frequency by inducing gamma waves. This state, which was originally observed in those who meditate, offers peak mental and physical performance. And higher levels of gamma activity correlate with increased memory, compassion, happiness and intelligence.
  • Overall Health. There is no doubt that laughter is good for the soul, but it is also good for your overall health. Laughing has been shown to reduce inflammation, improve blood flow and even improve cardiac health.

Now, laughter can’t take all the credit for these amazing benefits – after all, it is difficult to study only laughter as there are so many different factors that can trigger it. However, it is believed that the social component of laughter plays the biggest part. So along with your healthy diet and exercise plan, make time for friends and family and let the laughter roll.

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Live life, make friends and laugh more!

Written by Christine Tompa