In a previous article we highlighted the numerous benefits pets bring to our lives. Now, we want to help you find the right match for your lifestyle.

two fluffy gray beautiful kitten, breed scottish-fold, lie portrait on grey backgroundIf you are thinking about bringing home a pet, here are some important points to consider.

Your Lifestyle

Before adopting a pet think about how it will fit into your life and daily routine. Are you home throughout the day or gone for long hours on end? Do you travel a lot? How active are you? Consider how you want to interact with the pet as well.

  • If you are looking for a companion for morning walks or a pet that gets you out and about, a dog is the way to go.
  • Cats are great for those who want a pet they can cuddle and play with but are also happy to be left to their own devices.
  • Or maybe you prefer a pet that you can sit back and watch, and maybe talk to on occasion, such as a bird or fish.

Where you Live

When it comes to where you live, the most important thing to consider is if pets are allowed in the building or as part of a rental agreement. If yes, the next logical thing is to consider the size of the pet and the space you have. However, many people mistakenly assume that big dogs don’t do well in condos or smaller homes, but that small dogs will be perfectly comfortable.

jack russell terrierThis is where more research comes in handy. While a Jack Russell is a small dog, they have lots of energy and require more activity than, say, a Great Dane.

If you are interested in a dog, size and space are certainly important considerations but so are proximity to trails, parks, or other green space, and if or how you can get them outside.


Beyond the upfront cost of adoption, you will need to purchase food and water bowls, and accessories (leashes, tank, bird cage, litter box). The main monthly cost would be for food, however veterinary and grooming costs should also be planned for. Your pet will likely need vaccines, annual check-ups, nails trimmed, and may need its fur trimmed, coat washed, teeth brushed, etc.

Pets are a great stress reliever, they provide companionship, and add warmth to your home. But it is not a decision to rush into. Research is important, and so is meeting the animal before committing to bringing them home. Just like us, animals have different personalities. Some cats demand more attention than others, some dogs are more docile than others. Make sure they are the right fit for your home.

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By Christine Tompa