Social Media for All

In another recent blog we talked about increasing use of social media and online tools and resources amongst seniors. Being able to do everything online from banking, to grocery shopping to taking a yoga class, I suppose it was only a matter of time before we saw seniors becoming Instagram famous for doing something unique, quirky and fun. We are loving a recent story of an elderly Taiwanese couple who are causing a bit of a sensation right now. What are they doing? Curating customer castoffs and showing us all how to embrace Instagram at any age! Say what? Let me explain.

Funky Fashions for this Daring Duo

Seriously, the headlines are just too easy. This couple should give life lessons on how NOT to let age define you and how NOT to allow others to make assumptions about how one should behave after a certain age. Chang Wan-ji, at age 83 and Hso Sho-er at the more “senior” age of 84 are two of Instagram’s newest stars, even while still in quarantine! That’s because they’re having some fun, dressing up in other people’s clothes and no, we’re not talking about celebrating Halloween!

Living Large in Taichung

The Taiwanese couple own a Laundromat in the town of Taichung and together with their grandson (described as their unofficial stylist) are causing a sensation by donning the clothes of customers who have forgotten to pick up their items. They’ve been interviewed on TV, appeared in various magazines and seem to love their newfound “fame,” thanking followers each time they achieve another new milestone number. They are currently sitting at over 450,000, a number many younger influencers can only dream of!

A Laundromat and a smile with attitude!

The couple have owned and operated the Laundromat for over 70 years and, according to their grandson, he thought they looked bored one day at work so he convinced them to don fashion forward garments left behind by customers. Curating their looks, he often has them wearing young, trendy clothing even items like Adidas sweatshirts and bucket hats for one particular photo shoot. They’ll also occasionally curate an outfit from vintage clothing and while their look is unique, it’s their personality that shines through on the page. To me, they genuinely look like they are having a great time, modelling the clothes with attitude and somehow looking stylish in even the most outrageous looking outfits.

Fun with Fashion….

According to their grandson, “he wanted people to know that age isn’t a barrier to having fun with fashion.” It would appear his grandparents agree with Mr. Chang commenting that he thinks he and his wife’s experience is “better than sitting around and watching TV or napping.” They have clearly embraced the idea of posing in their Laundromat for these photo-shoot worthy pics and say they are even hopeful that perhaps a customer or two might see their forgotten items and come back for them! The couple also regularly donate clothing left behind but still have quite a stockpile so I would expect long after quarantine is lifted, we may still continue to see some great pics of these two young at heart octogenarian influencers on Instagram. Want to take a peek? Follow this link and if you’re feeling inspired, talk your own grandkids into a photo shoot right here at home and raid your closet for some “golden oldies” to share with the world. Also – don’t forget to pick up your laundry!

with sources from The New York Times / CNN / Instagram