Retirement is a major life milestone, and likely something you’ve been dreaming of, and planning for (at least financially), for a very long time. And while the first few days, weeks or even months may seem like a wonderful break, a breath of fresh air, many boomers will begin to feel lost at some point during this transition.

Think about it, your career has spanned decades, you’ve had routines, socialization, deadlines and goals. Then all of a sudden, your life becomes a blank canvas. You need to figure out how to fill your days. And this can be heightened if you live alone, or have a partner who is still working.

You may be set financially for retirement, but are you ready emotionally, psychologically and socially?

5 tips for settling into retirement:
1. Take your time. Just like finding your career path took time, so will finding your path in retirement. For the first little while enjoy not having a schedule – the freedom of sleeping in, visiting with family, or travelling. Don’t rush into new plans or commitments.

2. Create a bucket list. If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to start creating a bucket list. This doesn’t need to be done all at once. Again, take your time. Think about the things you’d like to accomplish – travel, education, sky diving, a second career – these items should delve into all aspects of your life. Also include goals of varying attainability, this way you won’t get discouraged.

3. Find a new routine. You’ve gone from having a weekly routine with workdays and weekends. Now everyday seems like the weekend and that can become mundane. Decide what time you want to get up, have a morning ritual, something that gets you motivated and moving for the day ahead. Maybe it’s a morning walk, meditation, or going out for half an hour to the local café.Close-up top-view photo of calendar with a datum circled by young woman with red nails with a back marker, concept of time management at work

4. Use a calendar. Schedule out your days, weeks and month wherever you can. Calendars offer a great visual to keep you active, organized and motivated. Experts suggest that when you schedule a task – say “gym @ 9am” – you’re more likely to follow through with it.

5. Stay connected. As we get older, much of our social life revolves around our work. After all, these are the people you spend approximately 40 hours a week with. You may think of some as friends, others as acquaintances, but no matter what, they’re giving you much needed social interaction. Once you retire, especially if you are one of the first amongst your social circle, who will you be spending your days with? Take this as an opportunity to get out and find others in your community with similar interests, try new things, and grow your social circle. The question is, where do you start?

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By Christine Tompa