The team at Amintro is working hard to keep you posted on positive pandemic news rather than dwelling on the depressing. We all get enough of the “bad” during our daily dose of news updates. That said, we hope you’re still following our suggestion that you limit the amount of time spent online or on social media in order to avoid feeling any kind of “information overload.” Remember, trusted news sources and pages like our Amintro Facebook page and our Amintro Connects Facebook group (which is a great place to connect with like-minded 50+ mature adults) are fine, but too much time online isn’t good for anyone – or for that matter – for our waistline! If time to spare has you worried about a “spare tire” you might appreciate today’s blog on exercising at home using what you already have on hand.

Start Slow!

  • If this is the first time you’re exercising the first rule of thumb is to go easy. Be gentle with yourself and don’t try anything too taxing. You don’t want to injure yourself before you even get started!
  • If you have any physical limitations, make sure you take those in to account and consider starting with something like chair exercise that will get the heart pumping without putting any excess stress on joints.
  • If you don’t have weights at home or have never used weights before, start with something small like soup cans or water bottles in place of weights. You can gradually move up to heavier items if you are feeling good. Consider a bag of flour for example for two-handed lifts or as an extended arm weight while doing squats.

Know your fitness level!

  • Depending on your fitness level there are a number of activities you can also do “in place” like: jumping jacks, sit ups, squats, burpees, jogging in place, push ups, lunges, leg lifts, and planks. If you have a staircase in the home, you might consider walking up and down the stairs or again, depending on your pre-existing level of fitness, a light jog or running up and down. If you live in a condo or apartment (keeping social distancing in mind) you might consider using the staircase in your building. If you do leave your building, even something as simple as using the stairs as you enter and exit is a great way to introduce some fitness in to your daily routine.


  • Yoga of course can be done from anywhere and in your own home, you likely could get away with not even using a mat if you don’t have one. Mats are good for stability and traction but in the absence of a mat, a towel might do. You can use toilet roll, (if you were lucky enough to stock up on some!) a rolled-up towel or books in lieu of blocks if you need to modify any of the poses and you could perhaps use the belt from your bathrobe in place of an exercise band. There are some excellent resources available online for every level of Yoga from beginning to expert.
  • Pilates is another excellent “stay in place” type of exercise. Pilates is particularly good for strengthening your core – the group of muscles you might be most concerned about working on if it’s a “spare tire” that has you worried.

Get outside! (If appropriate!)

  • Finally – go for a walk! While there are certainly restrictions in place across various parts of North America right now, a solitary activity like walking is ok! The weather is generally improving and as long as you are careful about avoiding any large groups of people (who shouldn’t be gathering anyway!) and practice social distancing if you do pass someone on the sidewalk or path, walking (or even cycling) is a great way to break up the day and get some physical activity. *

We’ve noticed a huge jump in the number of fitness clubs, local practitioners and even celebrity fitness trainers who are currently offering free online classes or tutorials for you to follow along with at home. If you want to “up your game” even more, take a tour through the online world to see what’s out there and “participate” from home in a class that appeals to you both personally and based on your fitness level and ability. Chances are, you have some time to spare and your “spare tire” (and heart, lungs and mental health!) will appreciate the exercise!

*Please adhere to any and all local restrictions applicable in your area during the CoVid19 pandemic. These are fluctuating constantly and if your region has asked you to quarantine in place, walking anywhere other than on a balcony or your own backyard is prohibited!

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