How to make the most of your Amintro Experience! Start with your profile.

At Amintro, our focus is on helping our Amintro family make the most of their experience with us. We want to make sure you never miss out on an opportunity to make new friends, online and then later, in real life. Even if you’re not yet a member this blog is also for you. Why? Because Amintro is the fun, free and fabulous new way to make friends for folks who are 50+. Our service is easy to use and requires only that you share as much, or as little, as you feel comfortable sharing. If you’re creating a new profile or looking for ways to enhance an existing one, let’s talk about what to include on your profile and how to maximize your personal Amintro experience with these Top 5 – “Create a Profile like a PRO” Tips.

  1. Profile Pics

When you first get started you will be identified by your first name and the first initial of your last name. (ie: Lisa P.) This is to protect your privacy while you get familiar with Amintro and leaves the decision up to you about where, when and how you share more. The reality is however, the more you choose to share, the easier it becomes to make great connections with like-minded people. There’s a spot for you to upload a profile picture and we highly recommend you do so. It sure helps when it comes time to meet in person! You might even choose (and the app allows you to do this) to upload several pictures that show you engaging in your favorite activities. This helps future friends understand the big picture (pun intended) when it comes to getting a sense of who you are and what makes you happiest.

  1. Share, Share, Share

Don’t be shy! This is a chance to get to know other Amintro members. Sharing information about yourself, your hobbies, your “bucket list” travel dreams and the things you are passionate about will maximize the potential for matches within our system. Don’t worry – we are still pretty particular about how we match people and you won’t necessarily be inundated with “matches” based on just one common interest. Rather –  we look for matches that meet a number of criteria before sending you friend “suggestions.” These criteria include: your country of origin/birth, your common interests, gender and similarities in the items listed on your “bucket list.”

  1. Introductions and Searches – get Proactive!

Amintro introduces people to one another based on some of the criteria we just outlined in point #2. What’s your favorite book? Do you have a motto by which you live your life? Make sure all this and more are a part of your profile in order to further increase the chances of Amintro finding you a friend match. Our introduction service looks like this: You will receive “suggestions” from Amintro that include the first name and first initial of the last name along with a short profile bio of the individual we think you should connect with. Once both parties agree to “be friends,” more of your profile including any pictures and other information you’ve uploaded, will be available for viewing. That’s not all however. We want you to get proactive too! Don’t wait to be introduced, you can conduct your own search of our member profiles using the same search criteria we do. You too can send an “introduction” request to a member that you think you might have something in common with. Don’t just sit back and wait to be introduced, get active on Amintro!

  1. Keep it fresh!

Have you moved? Are you looking to meet friends that are within a 10 km radius, 25kms or are you willing to travel 50-100kms to meet new folks? Let us know in your profile. Keep the information on your account current to increase your opportunities to meet people. Did you recently tick an item off your bucket list? Post a picture of you on your adventure and inspire others to do the same. Maybe you’ll find a new travel partner for your next trip! Set a reminder to periodically refresh and update your profile information.

  1. Stay Active on our Site!

At Amintro we are all about information sharing. We regularly post blogs on a variety of topics including travel, gardening, exercise, staying healthy and more. We also have a newsletter brimming over with helpful information for the mature adult, who might be 50+ but is seriously young at heart! Like something you’ve read? Engage with other Amintro members by liking and sharing our articles. Start – and keep – the conversation going online until you agree on the perfect time to meet in person.

Your next friendship is just a click away. Whether you are just joining the Amintro family or looking to enhance your profile to maximize friendship making opportunities, we hope you find these tips helpful. Just like “in real life” the more you invest – the more you’ll get out of your experience.  Amintro: It’s fun, it’s free and it’s fabulous! It’s where adults come to make new friends so if you want to meet lots of friendly folks – make sure to create a profile like a PRO!

By Sheralyn Roman

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